Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Social Media Friendships: No Nudity Required

My stalker proof picture

Who says you can't make real friends on social media? Is it you over there? Or you? Well I am here to tell you that you are all full of crap. I have made a real deal friend using solely social media and she didn't even ask me to send naked photos!

Before we start this debate I am going to ask you what a friend is to you? Well I'm pretty easy. My friendship can be bought by way of Mexican spice packets. Ok, not just that. We would ideally enjoy each other's company (virutally or not), be able to banter and actually carry on a conversation (yes under 140 characters can count as a conversation), have my back (as I do yours), and send me Mexican spice packets.

So here's how it played out. I came home after an EXTREMELY long day of motherhood, work, and general life to a package. A package? Really...  It was a small nicely wrapped box and my heart sang out. It had to be from Stay at Home Babe

Someone does not go light on the tape

No that is not her actual name and yes I do know it. Not only did I not have to send her naked pictures, I also know her name. Sorry but I had to earn that information and so do you. 

Anyway, I was bitching on Twitter, as it is a hobby of mine, about running out of Mexican food spice packets that I use to make my wannabe Mexican food here in Brazil. It was the cry that was heard around Twitter and Stay at Home Babe (@stayathomebabe) came to my rescue.

This fine lady, a fellow American with a strong love of all things spicy, sent me spice packets from England! By the way Old El Paso, if she can find these pockets of fajita gold there why in the hell don't you sell them here?!

As I slowly pulled out the packets imagining all the yummy spicy goodness in my future I found another surprise. A token if you will. An awesome gift just for me! The perfect thing to go with my new apartment and something that actually made me get all sentimental.

It was this key chain:

Wow, someone practically on the other side of the world did all this just for me, just to make me happy. She went out of her way to pick something up that I was homesick for. On top of that she gave me something that I will make me smile every single time I see it on my keys. Something that will remind me that I am lucky enough to call such a sweet person a friend.

Thank you Stay at Home Babe! You are the best 21st century pen pal. I really hope to meet you in person one day. (Please note that I meant that in the least stalkerish way possible)


  1. Awe! Shucks! That's awesome. I'm so glad you got them. I was just wondering about that the other day. Blame my mother for the packaging tape. She passed her neurotic packaging obsession on to my sister and me both. You should see the packages we send each other! Enjoy it all. It was absolutely my pleasure. I love S.M. friends!!!!! (They never stop by when my house is a mess.)

  2. PS. you can find them here in Rio... or at least in SP!

  3. That's awesome. I love that. i had @verbvixen send my kids some books and posters she got from this amazing book fair in New York. ....I love my on line friends :)

  4. For a second I actually thought you had a real stalker and I was worried for your safety.

    BUT THEN I realized that, yes, you have amazing people that care about you! I'm one of them Rachel, you need anything from the USA? I'll send it to you, considering you send me a package of Biscoito de Pavilho and Jellied cow hooves.


  5. Fantastic! I've had friends I've made on the internet (no nudity involved here either) come to my rescue too. Makes me HAPPY!

  6. Cool. I once received unexpected spice packets in the mail. Someone being considerate to the point of having sent them actually overshadowed the spice packets themselves, and they were good spices plus indispensable for my wannabe Asian concoctions.
    Buen provecho to you Rachel.

  7. uh, SCORE! I want an internet friend to swap mail with...