Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: The Sleepover

Nothing shows you the difference in parenting other people have like keeping their children for a sleepover.

This weekend we have been the lucky keepers of Little Princess. Little Princess comes from a co-sleeping household. The only co-sleeping my kids get at this point is that period of time between them sneaking into my bed and the first time they kick me in their sleep.

I set up a bed in my boys' room. All three kids sleeping in one room means there was no way she could  get lonely, right? Wrong.

The first "Rachel!" in the middle of the night was greeted with immediate cuddles until she fell back into Little Princess dreamland.

The second "Rachel!" was met with confusion as just 20 minutes before I had soothed her to sleep with my mad parenting skills.

A third and forth Rachel...

The fifth one was met with my normal middle of the night Mommy. "What do you need sweetie?"

She turned to me and said "Rachel, I just can't do this. I can't sleep this long. I have been sleeping forever."

It was 3am. There was far too much sanity and 4 yr old logic coming at me for that early in the morning.

I gave in and laid with her on the twin mattress, again, but this time to stay. She let out the cutest little sigh, patted my arm and went to sleep.

The force is strong in that one.

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  1. Oh wow, I;d never considered the implications of a co-sleeping kidlet being away from its parents ... wow. Hope you got some sleep!

  2. Wow - I've heard of this co-sleeping thing but never experienced it first hand with any of my family/friends. I hope you got some restful sleep after all that!

  3. They shouldn't even send her for a sleepover until she is able to sleep on her own/with other children. Some parents are strongly opposed to that and it'd lead to a much more stressful evening for both sides.

    I don't know how people live with kids sleeping in their beds, honestly. I need spaaaaaace! hehehe And it is better for the child to sleep in their own room.

  4. Wow.....

    All I can say is don't let your boys date her in the future....'cause she even had YOU whipped! Just kidding.

    Oh girls, the power they have. Why????!!!!!!!


  5. Well, she does do a lot of sleepovers. I don't know how it is at other people's places. We did way overtire them and sometimes an overtired kid wakes up even more.

    hahaha, but girls do have the power. I swear my boys are just as zombie like in the middle of the night as I am. Then again, you always wake up differently at another person's place.

  6. Welcome to my world. One of involuntary co-sleeping.

  7. This makes me totally laugh out loud as I can see my munchkin being the one with the special powers as he only stays in his bed 1/2 the night. Some nights I confess I don't even hear him climbing in but both my husband & I are at a loss to fix it - we've tried everything. Hoping he grows out of it like Born Again Brazilian. Lucky for you, there was only one of those little Rachels that evening.

  8. You are a very generous hostess! I'm not sure I would have had that much patience. Then again, I do love my sleep and have been known to give my children whatever they want just so that they will sleep and leave me alone. Ahem, pacifier til almost five, ahem. :)

  9. I did not even get co-sleeping. I never really knew people who did that in my life until Brazil. People who take naps together or let the kid sleep in the bed once in a while or having problems with a child who won't sleep in their own bed.

    I don't feel comfortable co-sleeping with a baby. I am afraid of smothering.

    But my god what work that little princess was. Now I am scared, thanks Rachel.

  10. I love co-sleeping with my daughter. I can only imagine how hard it must have been to have a sleep-over with a co-sleeper. Sweet dreams!

  11. I get co-sleeping because spooning a baby is heaven! You won't smother them Nina! I will say though that my oldest hated sleeping in my bed, even when he was sick. My boys have always loved their own beds... as I have loved them loving their own bed. Leah, yes pacie until 3. oops ;)

  12. sleepovers are great! I like this little girl....she seems very sweet and u too rachel !!

  13. sleepovers are great! I like this little girl....she seems very sweet and u too rachel !!

  14. This is something that I worry about. My daughter keeps asking for a sleepover but I don't think most of her friends are ready and she might not be either

  15. Oh yes, this is my son. Some nights he is fine, but about 60% of the time, after I've tried 50 million times to keep him in his own bed, he just HAS to sleep with us. Just sighs, turns over and goes to sleep. Shame. I hope he grows out of it by the time he goes to college.

  16. Wow. I never even thought about handling someone else's kid for a sleepover. Now I'm scared!!