Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Cafezinho


  1. Cafézinhos... I have quit it completely. Next year: red meats & pork. Then cheese. Up to a moment when I can live exclusively of prana.

  2. @ Anita:

    If you are going to avoid such pleasures then why live? I am happy getting rid of the very toxic stuff like Coxinhas, and other artery cloggers of equal magnitude. But life without a juicy steak, an omelette without cheese and so forth just seems pointless.
    I must say though that I don't smoke and am not keen on sweets (except Root Beer).

  3. Cafézinho is delicious.
    @Anita: Cafézinho is good for preventing heart disease, but you should drink it moderately and without the "biscoitinhos". I totally agree with the Poet.

  4. Life without coffee. Hold on, I need a tissue.

  5. I never liked or drank coffee in the U.S. Then I encountered the cafezinho - mmmm, sweet, dark, deliciousness.

    Now I can't drink the watered-down stuff in the U.S. even if I wanted to :-/