Tuesday, May 18, 2010

10 favorite things about living in Rio

10. The weather. Sun, sun, and more sun.
9. There's always something somewhere to do
8. The parks: parque lage, Catete Palace, Aterro, etc.  Sure there may be some crazies but it's still a good place to visit.
7. Leme beach for kids
6. The scenery- Take a walk/run on Aterro or the beaches (Leblon, Ipanema, Copacabana). It's beautiful
5. The people - very sweet, sometimes crazy, always supportive and social
4. The food - enough said
3. The love of life, the love of living, the art of enjoying the life you are living. They have that down here
2. You never know when you'll run into live music. It may be at 8am in the park, noon in a plaza, midnight in the street.
1. The love and acceptance of children. You can truly take them anywhere in this city.


  1. Well, yes, Rio has problems, MANY problems, but still, like you said, the joy for life is something remarkable there. And if you want to know, even being a proud Paulista(no), given the opportunity I'd live in Rio de Janeiro in a blink of an eye. The city is REALLY beautiful and I love this unique Carioca atmosphere you describe so well.



  2. The #1 point! YES, yes, yes!