Sunday, May 30, 2010

The accidental boob grab

I'm horrible about paying attention. It's a wonder how I've never managed to leave a kid behind or walk out of my house without pants.

Today was no exception.  Daniel, the boys, and I had just made it back to our apartment building after an afternoon at the Fluminese club park.  We were waiting for the back service elevator. Small note on Brazilian apartment buildings, there are normally 2 elevators. One of them is the social elevator and one is the service elevator. Our double stroller only fits in the service elevator.

Anyway, I called the elevator and was laughing with the boys about something. I noticed it had arrived and turned to grab the door handle without looking. Well, I grabbed something but it wasn't the handle.

It was a whole lot of boob of a neighbor I had yet to meet. Nice to meet you neighbor, you may have your left breast back.

Another one falls victim to the accidental boob grab. 

If it happens again, I'm so going to make a little honk honk sound.

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