Monday, May 31, 2010

Water is life, let's save some

A friend's blog motivated me to write about our plight to save water:  woolgathering.

There are many ways to save some water.  One of my husband's favorite ways is by soaping all the dishes first and then rising all of them. That way the water doesn't stay on the entire time. He's also a big fan of turning off the facet while he's brushing his teeth. He's good like that.

My favorite way is with a gadget.  The day I can remodel my bathrooms I'm putting in a two flush toilet. Practical and fun for the whole family.  Not only do you get to comfortably evacuate your waste, you get to be green at the same time.  We all like a good poo and now, to celebrate the occasion even more, it has a special button.

Yes, your dreams have come true. A special button for that special turd. It uses more water to flush down that pesky little brown fish and less for our liquid gold.  The potty also claims to stay clean longer and give you no pesky tooshy splashes. Sounds like an all around winner.

Check it out yourself:

and for those who want to modify already existing thrones: 

It's fun and easy.  A friend of mine here in Rio already had one installed in their bathroom. Big hit for the entire family.

Also checkout   (thanks Jennifer)

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