Saturday, May 22, 2010

One small step for Man, One giant step for Botafogo

Today is a big day for Botafogo fans in my family. My 3 year old, Luka, is not only going to his first game but has the honor of walking the team out onto the field.  It's a tradition here for kid fans, from babies to pre-teens, to walk the players out at the beginning of the game.  To say that his father is proud is like saying I like oxygen.

Luka is excited even if he doesn't quite understand what is going to happen. He knows he got a complete Botafogo uniform with the coolest socks he's ever seen. I've had to wash it 3 times this week because he wants to wear it every day.  He also knows that Daddy can't take him up to the field but that he, his cousin Frederico, and other kids get to walk alone with the real Botafogo players. 

So I cut the umbilical cord a little bit. I'm nervous. I've been to games and they are crazy. Brazilians breath soccer, especially when it's their local team, even more so than the national Brazilian team.  It's loud, there's screaming, people are cursing, basically madness.  At first I was afraid Luka would be scared, then I snapped out of it.  Screaming, yelling, madness, and chaos... that sounds like a 3 yr old's heaven.  And to top it off, there will be junk food.

He's growing up. It's only a matter of time until he asks to go to all the games Daddy goes to and ignores what I say while the game is on at home.  My little man is growing up and he's growing up a Botafoguense.

If you'd like more info about Botafogo check out

Believe it or not, the peeing kid is one of their mascots.



  2. He did it! He went in like a champ!

  3. and you said your sons wouldn't be a part of the next generation of Boafogo fanatics... ha