Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mango does a body Poo?

So I'm trying to wean my youngest from his one night time bottle.  I've replaced it with juice and am watering it down slowly.  You should know my youngest has a very stubborn case of silent reflux that just isn't going away.  It's like the skavies of infant acid reflux, keeps showing up just when you thought you were cured.

Anyway, I had been using grape juice because he seemed to be able to handle it.  Well, he had a flare up a couple of days ago after over a month without.  I decided that it could be the grape juice. Makes sense, right?  So I switched to boxed mango juice. Keep in mind the juice selection for him is quite limited.

Not a good idea. Being the brilliant Mother that I am, I forgot that Mango is supposed to clean you out.  Regardless, I'm not one to believe those wives' tales told by woman who actually know what they are talking about.  I'm just a big old stubborn ass who likes to learn on her own. At least I can find the humor in my discoveries. Or my husband can because he was the lucky one with first shift this morning.

My little one woke up as a poop factory at 5am.  I know what you are thinking, fun way to start your day.

It was out of control.  I was on 2nd shift this morning because my baby required night duty attendance, and I heard my husband open lucky diaper number 2 (I only found out it was number 2 later).  I was dozing back off when I heard "Holy Crap! Holy Crap! Holy Crap!" I'm not going to describe in detail what he saw but it was enough for me to warn you about the cleaning power of mango juice.


  1. Isabela's pediatrician wants her to have 600ml of milk everyday. I had cut the afternoon milk a long time ago and was starting to cut the morning and night bottles, so I had to get back with everything. A couple of weeks after that she started to have a serious diarrhea and it hasn't stopped since. It's been 2 weeks. I've done poop lab analysis, diet, everything. Now we decided (with the peds orienattion) to cut all dairy from her diet. Today was a little better, so let's see how that goes. See, at least Rafa's pooping issue will be over by tonight, I've been on that for 2 weeks with the only pro that she's not on diapers anymore.

  2. Wait, poop for 2 weeks and you're cutting out milk? Why would a milk allergy take so long to show up? Based on my complete lack of medical experience, I'm going to have to disagree with your pediatrician. I'm going with water. Is your maid cooking with tap water and not filtered water? Do you use well water out there in the coutnry? I would cook and drink EVERYTHING from filtered water.

  3. I was looking up the poops in my child bible and it did say to take away dairy after 2 weeks. I wonder why though. Did your Dr say?

  4. LOL - we know we don't know but still we think we know more than anyone else, including the doctor. I have no idea why and since I talk on the cell phone with a pediatrician who is 1500 kms away I try not to bug the woman too much. She said it could be and I took it. When ISa traded NAN for Ninho she also had major diarrea. I used soy milk for a few months, then the ped said to try Ninho again, and so I did and she's been fine until now. I thought about the water, but it's treated here, I had the water box cleaned in march, and if there was somth wrong we'd also be feeling it. Can you believe, though, that I've been telling the school about this and they have been finding it very intriguing that she never had diarrea there. How odd. He bottom has been a little red, I attributed it to the constant cleaning, but yesterady she came back home from school with poo on her toosh and panties and the teacher had just told me she didnt go there. Needless to say, me and her toosh were both super irritated and today I spoke to the owner/director of the school, bc someone HAS TO go to the bathroom with her, they cannot allow her to go alone! Oh school, love it but hate it.