Thursday, May 27, 2010

the wink just got creepier

So if you remember back to my first ever blog post, you'll remember the story of the wink.  Well, the wink has smoked some crack and gotten a little creepy.

Every time I run into this newspaper guy he gives me a smile that is a little too familiar.  That was ok.  I could blow it off as nothing but a slightly creepy guy.  Today he took it a step further.

Don't get your imagination going.  It's nothing huge.  I was walking by talking to my friend Sandi on my cell when I saw him an outdoor restaurant.  He was staring at me. He turned. And yes, he busted out the lean, smile, and wink.

Now I'm just offended. I'm a mother of two. I'm married.  What the hell is this guy thinking? There are two options: 1. she's available or 2. she's a whore.  Ok, maybe I'm making it a bit black and white.  I wear a ring but my husband is never cruising the streets with the boys and me during the day.

Regardless, I was trying to be nice. I never reacted to any of these things. I wasn't rude nor was I nice.  I think I may have to be rude. I'm going to channel my inner Carioca (brazilian born in Rio) woman and give that OMG how dare you, you bastard face. You all know it.

On the bright side, I still got it. Ok, for a creepy guy but still counts.

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