Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Brazilians are full of them.  My favorite one is that the host has to open the door for you or the guest won't return.  I've had people wait at my door until I get it.  Seriously, awkward minutes of conversation waiting until I open the door for them.

What are your favorites?

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  1. I like the one that says if you give a container full of goodies it has to be returned full of goodies. Could be why you haven't gotten some of yours back

  2. My mom won't pass me the salt right to my hands at the table. I have to put it down so that she can pick it up herself. But the sexual ones are hilarious.

  3. My in-laws do that. It has something to do with the fact that salt used to be used as currency. People would put it down on a table so that if it were dropped on the ground, it would be obvious who's fault it was.

    What are the sexual ones? Must have sex on top or your guest won't come back?

  4. Well, there is the one that says that if you toast but not drink right away you stay 7 years without sex (it rhymes in portuguese - brindar sem beber, 7 anos sem f---er), or that a man's foot size corresponds to its penis' size - wait, that's not a superstition. The day I wrote that I remembered a bunch, now I can't. Related to your macumba post, some say you have to say "excuse me" whenever you pass by an offering. And my brother corrected my post then to say that the mãe de santo has no control over what happens to people who go to terreiros, so I'm probably not going to see it nor am I ever taking you anywhere.

  5. As a man who has seen many penises and who has followed many theories about who has a big one -- I'm here to tell you that the shoe/foot theory is not reliable.

    Try tall and thin -- I'm just saying!


  6. Then I must have a HUGE penis ;))