Thursday, June 10, 2010

American or French... oh crap

Yes, those lovely little angel feet are mine.  Please, no emails asking to suck on my bunions.

Anyway,  I am trying to get into the World Cup spirit. My original plan was to paint the nails on one foot red, white, and blue and the ones on the other foot green, blue, and yellow. I am going to cheer for both Brazil and the US.

I was hoping to have them finished last night but I wasted a bunch of time looking for my green nail polish and only had 15 minutes before my private English student would arrive. I resolved to just do red, white, and blue for the US.

I decided vertical stripes would be the easiest to do. To my surprise, I managed to pull off the paint job in 10 minutes. 

I was so proud of my toes!  Sure it'd draw attention to my beast feet but who cares.  It's the World Cup!  I ran out to show them to my husband. Got to love him.  He asked me if I was French. 

Can you believe that I didn't even notice that I painted the French flag on my toes until that moment.  I just saw red, white, and blue stripes for the US, of course. 

So I'm off to re-polish my nails. I'll still use red, white, and blue but in a more obvious American pattern.  Until then, I'll be wearing closed toes shoes.  France won the world cup over Brazil in 1998 and also got Brazil kicked out of the running in 2006 after a 0 - 1 win.  I think it's safer to be American. 



  1. Bunions suck, I say that from experience I have a small one on my right foot only. Of course it will probably get worse. Strangely the other foot is fine. Are you planning to have surgery in the future? Insurance should cover it as long as the doctor thinks the bone deviation is severe enough.

    I imagine sometimes you want to wear a little bit of a heeled shoe and can't do to the bunions. I don't know about you but I have found that finding comfortable shoes that are flat is difficult since my foot is a little wider than it used to be.

    1. I don't have much of an issue with heels luckily. I'm hoping I won't ever have to do any kind of surgery...