Wednesday, June 9, 2010


No, I'm not talking about slipping your finger into the back door of your lover.  Dirty dirty people.

My son's school is closed in the afternoon for Brazil games.  Shocker meaning I'm shocked but in the sarcastic way in which I'm not really shocked at all.

They are still considering morning closure for morning games and all day closure for afternoon games.  I want to work there!


  1. A haha. One of my students tonight was telling me what he was doing for the first Brazil game and then said (with a completely straight face) 'don't worry, the game doesn't interfere with our class.'
    Ummm.... and if it did? Well, again, shocked! without really being shocked....

  2. I told a student I couldn't have class on Tuesday night, only on Monday. I want to be free to have a couple of beers :)

  3. In addition to private students I still teach a few adults at Multi Idiomas. When I mentioned I would need to reschedule students on Tuesday for the game they just said "Of course!"

    Gotta love Brazil!

    Rachel - I'm lovin' your attitude/blog.