Friday, June 4, 2010

Been in Rio too long

I decided today that I've been in Rio too long.  It's technically winter here so it's "chilly" for natives and those who have adapted to the climate.  While it's warm in the sun, it's been all too easy to say that it's too cool for the beach. 

My friend from Norway is visiting and I swear she almost bitch slapped me when I said it was too cold for the beach.  Keep in mind it's 75 degrees F and 24 degrees C.  It's just WRONG for me to think it's too cold.  So I listened to my friend, we packed up our kids, and we headed out. 

Well, I'm sunburned. When I'm wrong I am so very wrong!  It was a wonderful day at the beach.  For starters, we stayed there past noon and didn't melt into our chairs. The waves were calm and the water was clean.  Ok, the definition of clean here means I didn't notice an alarming amount of trash.  Big city beach people, I know it isn't clean! 

All and all it was a wonderful day!  Not to mention that my kids were utterly exhausted and crashed afterwards. Mom and Dad got a 2 and 3 hr nap respectively.  Hell, I feel so rested I could have another baby... ok, not that rested but I'm feeling pretty darn good.

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