Friday, July 9, 2010

1960s? Not ok

I'm going to be de-frumpatized tomorrow.  I passed the saloon (I wish) and scheduled my procedures. Wax? yes. Only at 930am.  Well, I think I can fit a pedi in there.

Finally the broken toe is healed enough to be manhandled!  Thank goodness.  When you have man feet like I do, the least you can do is keep them clean and tidy.

And the wax. Ana, my waxing lady, is going to be shocked. I think I should have a pet name or something for her. We are way beyond the first name basis. 

Anyway, she'll feel like she took a time machine to the 60s and the hair-kini. Ok, big exaggeration but it's been a while since I've been pamper.

Can you call getting your cuticles ripped off and your pubic hair pulled out from the roots pampering?  For this lady, yes. This is pampering that is for me and me alone.  Fair enough, my husband does get some pleasure from it.

That is the beauty about Rio de Janeiro. You can get everything taken care of. A friend of mine once visited, in my pre-kid days. I took her to get a mani pedi and the ladies were horrified. She's never had her cuticles cut?!  Of course not, that's illegal in my country.  What?!  Well, so many things are illegal that they just had to start making up stuff to keep law makers in business. Actually, I just nodded. I didn't bother trying to explain infections and such.

The best part was when they started exfoliating her feet. They said it just couldn't be done with a board. Her feet were way out of hand. Blame 9 years of retail work in heels.  They told me they were bringing out the machine.  Imagine my joy when I translated that for her.

What machine?! I had no idea. Well, it was a sander. Yes people, a sander. I'm going to go ahead and assume it was made especially for feet.  It did not feel that way to my friend. The tickle torture was unbearable and they had to hold down her legs. What impressed me the most was how determined they were to get her feet up to their status quo!

She never did go back to that salon again.  Even though they insisted she needed to come back the next week for more torture... I mean beautifying.  It's ok though. How many people can say they went to the salon, laughed, cried, and walked out with a good story.  Well, maybe about every foreigner in Rio...

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