Friday, July 16, 2010

A belt = safety on motorcycles

I saw the funniest thing coming home from the park this morning.  Ok, maybe not so much funny as disturbing.  A woman was sitting on her motorcycle and adjusting a belt, a leather one you would use to hold up your pants, high up on her waist. 

A little weird I thought.  It got less weird and more crazy when I passed her and saw who was behind her. 

Sitting behind her was a small child. My guess is a two year old, a small two year old.  She was using the leather belt to belt the child to her back!

Now I'm not pro taking small children out of motorcycle rides. I can kind of accept it in country settings where there is little risk of other people getting in the way. I'm totally against it in a metropolitan settings. 

That being said, I've seen kids on their parent's motorcycles here, usually riding in front of the parent.  I know that makes little difference but it does seem slightly smarter than belting your kid in behind you!  A 2 year old isn't even considered old enough to sit in a safety seat behind you on a regular bike. 

 At least he was wearing a helmet, and not just a bike helmet. It seemed to be a child motorcycle helmet. 

Part of me now feels like I should have intervened Brazilian Grandma style. Then again, I never listen to the Brazilian Grandmas, why would she listen to me.  I'm sure the Grandmas think I'm just as reckless letting my kids walk barefoot in private, closed off parks as I think this woman is. 

What do I know anyway? Maybe she bought the belt at a bike shop with the kid's helmet and it is considered a safety feature down here. 

Any bikers out there know if that is possible?


  1. I've seen the traffic there and they way those people maneuver those motorcycles through it.... her method doesn't seem safe. In fact it's CRAZY.

  2. So funny that you are posting on this because for some reason it came up in conversation the other day whether or not there is a legal manner of taking a baby on a motorcycle and Mr. DRL (who is not exactly Mr. Safety Inspector" himself) was like there shouldn't NEED to be a law for some things... anyway I'm thinking you had to be there but it was quite the hilarious discussion.

    Can you believe the minor parenting infractions we catch hell for though when this stuff is happening? MAN!

  3. So would Mr. DRL take baby DRL on a motorcycle? lol. I can imagine the conversation. My husband and I have had many of those. His final response is always, you just have to relax.