Friday, July 16, 2010

The Brazilian Butt: Baby got Back

I've never been one to have ass envy. I've actually never thought too much about the ass in general. I enjoy seeing nice male tail but I've never really stopped to think about the size of my own.

Then I arrived in Rio de Janeiro. Is it just me, or are there huge asses everywhere?!  There are huge ones, fat ones, and, the vast majority, very large muscular ones.  I honestly feel that these women, with large muscular butts, are defying all laws of muscle tone and gravity.

It's like a work of art, these toned tooshes in tight workout pants. And you see them everywhere. I don't know if they are all always going to the gym, or just like to show off. Could be both.  I think they'd have to practically live at the gym to keep those girls standing like they do. And if I were the owner of a pair of those, they'd always be practically suffocating them in the tightest clothing possible.

It's a beauty that Brazil owns, the large tight butt.

I'm not envious.  I enjoy my small tight butt. I also enjoy that it doesn't take too much work to keep up. That combines well with my somewhat lazy personality.

I do, however, keep a small little petty glee hidden inside.  That glee is that I know they can not defy gravity forever.  While my long, lean frame may not be the most popular south of the boarder, it is easy to keep with age.  That makes me feel good when my husband glances at this common sight. I don't blame him. I find myself and my 3 year old doing the same thing.


  1. Rachel,
    Their dirty little secret is not the gym, it is a very simple plastic surgery procedure called body sculpture, they remove belly fat and insert it under the muscle of the butt, that is why it looks so firm and toned and BIG!
    It super common in Brazil and widely practiced by women and even men, including very young teenagers.

  2. I was actually looking at that online. I was thinking about doing a follow up on it. I mean, how great is it to have your own fat sucked out and put in you ass to make it look better. Then again, I'm afraid of lypo. Will never do it.

  3. I don't think it's cute.