Sunday, July 4, 2010

Butt hose?!

A hose in the bathroom?  What on Earth is happening in bathrooms in Rio de Janeiro that make a hose a necessary installation?!

That was my first instinct. Luckily, my first apartment in Rio de Janeiro had 2 bathrooms, one with a bidet.  It's not like I've ever used a bidet. I'm American and we prefer rubbing the first layer of skin off with dry toilet paper as opposed to a little spritz spritz.  I was so on the American band wagon.  I could hardly manage the switch over to the bidet. I didn't even try the hose.

4 years later, I will never live in a place without what I call, a butt hose. It's the best thing since sliced bread. Hell, it's the best thing since oxygen.  It does require a little learned coordination. I have accidentally sprayed the ceiling, my back, the toilet seat, the sink, and everything else in the bathroom. I think one time I did all of these things in one go.

I'm telling you.  TMI but there's nothing like a little hose off after dropping the kiddies at the pool. You will never feel the same about toilet paper again.

Let yourself warm up to the hose for a couple of days. While doing your business, take it off it's hook and hold it. Get the feeling of the hose.  It is your friend.  Then one special day, turn it on and try it out. Be careful not to turn it up too high.  They can pack some serious pressure and there are some things you don't want shot back up.

If you are thinking you'll just stick to a bidet, beware. The loveliness of the bidet is quickly becoming a thing of the past. The hose is smaller, compact, doesn't require location changing, and is cheaper to install.  Not to mention, no bidet means a lot more space in an already small bathroom.

So when you get to your apartment, hotel, hostel, or Carioca public bathroom, check out the hose. On second thought, maybe not in the public bathroom. Goodness knows what that hose has seen!


  1. Not to mention how much the housekeeper likes the hose to rinse down the bathroom after she has scrubbed it with water and detergent. No simple spray and rub here -- the bathroom is CLEANED.

    Returning to the States to see bathrooms without a floor drain or even *gasp* covered in carpet - it's a different world.

  2. Funny to see a post on this because we actually had one of these in our apartment in Paris, but being the ignorant American that I was (am!) I didn't know what it was so I asked the maintenance staff to remove it! I actually did have an idea of what it might be used for but was afraid to use it and spray too hard or in the wrong direction (there wasn't a drain in the bathroom), so I lived just fine without it. Well at least now I won't be surprised when I see them in Rio!

    Btw, Happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans!!

  3. I swear I thought it was for just cleaning the floor! Butt spray? Are you serious?
    I think I'll just stick to my baby wipes. I can't quite fathom the thought of a hard blast of water hitting me like a squirt to the eye. EEeeeehhhhh....

  4. Try it! It's great! And it's also wonderful to clean the floors. Both toosh and floors end up sparkling after the magic butt hose

  5. It's also great when you have super-dirty kids. I think it's a brilliant addition to any bathroom! When I first moved here I thought it was to help clean the toilet and shower...took me a while to put it together = )

  6. Linds I'm with you. Baby wipes all the way! As soon as I get my toddler potty-trained, I still plan to have a stash of them around anyway!

    Funny topic, indeed. But a universal one that's for sure!

  7. I know this old couple (Brazilian) who travelled to Australia and their one remark was that there were no bidets or butt hoses. They cleaned their toosh with baby wipes. The idea grossed me out, think about the perfumed mud... Why not just plain toilet paper?
    But I use the hose all the time to shower my dirty kid. The bad part is that here in my house there's no hot water in the butt hose, so on cold days it's just not nice to have a freezing shower on your warm little toosh. Natura has a wipe for toddlers. It's not so heavily scented and it works for every part of the kid's body, conveniently, it's called "Banho de Gato". I recommend.

  8. Good to know! Will definitely look out for this brand/product. I'm taking notes (literally!) on all these fine tips that everyone is generously sharing!!

  9. I bought one in Brazil years ago and had it isntalled in my Dutch house. My kids beg me for it after using the toilet. I just avoid using it during winter, because the water comes icy cold out of it. I think the world would be a gentler place with a hose in every decent toilet.

  10. We are big fans. My boys get hosed after each required potty use. I love it too.

  11. I know this is a late comment. I just moved to Sao Jose Dos Campos from the US. We have the butt hose here too. I cannot use it yet. Here is why. I have been doing my business for 44 years. I am set in my ways. I just found out what the little trash can is for next to all of the toilets. I am used to wiping and dropping. The little trash can is an extra step. It is a nasty process. I am far away from adding the butt hose to the mix. Nobody has commented yet on drying off. Do you pull your pants onto to a wet butt? Do you need to keep a butt towel nearby? How much toilet paper do you need for drying a hosed off butt? I need to know.