Monday, July 5, 2010

Pilot drops trou

I know this is old news but I can't get over how it was taken so seriously.

So a 49 yr old United Airlines pilot dropped his pants at a Rio de Janeiro security screening when asked to remove his belt.  He did keep his underwear on.

I know airports can be serious.  I know security is nothing to be messed with.  But for heaven's sake, he just dropped a little trou. He didn't spit on an officer, didn't even give him the finger. Those things should not be ignored. It's just plain disrespectful.  Dropping your pants when asked to remove your belt? So not a big deal.

My guess is that he just left Rio de Janeiro and was in the Carioca spirit.  Men here pull down their pants at a moments notice to mark their territory just about everywhere.  I wouldn't be surprised to see a priest pee on the edge of his own church down here.

Not to mention walking around most of the city in tiny little speedos.  You aren't hiding anything in those bad boys.

And how dare the pilot make a joke at a security screening. Pilots are well known for being very timid, shy, and respectful of limits.  Sorry but I'm going to have to say it, wait a minute... Yeah, no, they are pilots. They fly big iron birds around the sky and defy gravity on a regular basis.

These are people who suffer from high self-esteem and arrogance. They have to. They go through training to learn how to fly those monsters and what to do in case it starts heading down.  Personally, I'd jump ship from that vocation the moment we got to the whole, if all goes to hell everything is in your hands.

They should just be thankful he didn't mark his territory or sport an American speedo under that uniform. The American banana hammock is to the Brazilian banana hammock  as the Brazilian bikini is to the American bikini. It has a whole lot less holding things up.


  1. I don't know if this is only bc he's a pilot or if it is the generalized arrogance americans have toward the rest of the world, specially the underdeveloped such as Brazil. We don't get to complain when they (very rudely) ask us in any airport in the US to take off our shoes, belts, or whatever else they feel like. Or when they tell us not to lock our luggage bc they will break it and open all our stuff. But when americans get treated in a slightly similar way (which is in no way as bad as foreigners get treated in American airports), they feel the need to be arrogant and sarcastic. I had a friend who worked for an airline who told us there is a ridiculous amount of americans who get sent back home bc they never bothered to check that they needed a visa to enter Brazil- why would any country not accept them??? The attitude is such that the employees get their small share of pleasure to send them back without mercy. By saying this I mean no offense to anyone, I like the country and its people, I lived there twice and would go back anytime. But I think here is a general opinion that dellude american people into thinking the rest of the world revolves around them.

  2. ahh, come on. This isn't because he's american. It's because he's a pilot, goes through security all the time, and feels that he shouldn't be checked as much as everyone else. I don't agree with him but I think that's where he's coming from.

    As for Americans. Come on, annoying is one of our charms! In my defense, I knew I needed a visa :)

    And yes, the world does revolve around me! But that's not because I'm American, it's because I'm fabulous ;)

  3. Yes, well, it wasn't that big a deal, but have you ever seen a pilot fom anywhere else being such a prick?
    I guess I have a different view bc I've been mistreated so many times and I got a whole new round of abuse in my last visit. I got sent to a a yet whole new level of securitiy bc I saved a banana from the breakfast we got in the plane. Yes, it was a very threatening banana, the guy wouldnt let me throw it away, wouldnt touch it,I had to be sent somewhere else with all our luggage to be checked with a big pregnant belly and a toddler on a stroller. It was probably radioactive as well. Silly me, bring a bad ass banana for my kid. From the airplane! I hadnt even broght it from my poor old country, with our our diseases, mas destrucion weapons and enriched uranium.
    And yes, you are fabulous! Remind them that when they ask you to take off your menacing shoes, belt, as well as both your boys' and your husband's. Just don't dare bringin fruit with you... that is just totally unnacceptable even for a Fab person.

  4. Having flown in the Navy and knowing many navy polits that retired and became commerical pilots. Once they put on that uniform, they better be a professional and dropping your drawers is not professional. "So you say what's the big deal?" My opinion is, if he gets that upset at someone just asking him to take off his belt, what happens if he gets upset while he's flying that aircraft. What if the co-pilot asks him something he doesn't like? You want someone with self control at the controls of the aircraft, not someone that acts like a child. I personally would not want to be a passenger in the aircraft this guy is the pilot in.

  5. You know you can't bring fruit on an international flight. Come on, you know that.

    I dress the boys in sweats and they run around in socks at the airport. :)

  6. Hey -- there is another poster that has my name... just so you know. I was never in the Navy.

    Lovin'all things Jim. =8^)

  7. Jim, the navy pilot, you have a good point!

    btw, Thais, did you delete comments? Does blogger do that by themselves?

  8. comments back. Must have been a glitch...