Monday, July 26, 2010

How do you say 'Your kid is an Ass' in Portuguese?

I am pissed. This evening, I took my kids to the park at the Fluminense club.  Since the schools are on holiday, it was full. Fair enough, the park is big and can handle a decent amount of kids.

The problem is the quality of the kids themselves, and the parents for that matter.  These pre-teens are evil little shits. I hate to say that about children but I call 'em as I see 'em.  Seeing that they've had little to no discipline since childhood, they are maniacs. The parents don't even bother to pay attention. I actually saw a 10 year old push down a 3 yr old to cut in line for the slide. A slide.  And when my son noticed this and wanted off so that he could stay with his friend, the kid pushed him down the slide backwards.

One bad seed you say, I'd have to disagree. I was watching this happen all over the park.  These big boys were terrorizing the whole damn place.  And where were the parents? Chatting.  I yelled at the kid and the Mom jumped up and said "oh no, not my boy". He was the only big kid up by the slide and was the only one wearing red.  I said that and then asked her if she was even watching.

It was amazing to see her crumble.  And that made me realize where the problem started.  If she really felt her kid wasn't capable of that, she should have been able to say so firmly.  Actually, when questioned, she should have been able to call him down and ask him firmly and seriously. Did she? Nope. Did her son even pay half attention to her when she pointed up to him. Nope.

She actually had the balls to say that it couldn't be him because he was watching his little brother.  The little brother was on the other side of the park by himself.  When she noticed that she got even more embarrassed.

What's worse? Not knowing what your kid is doing or not having control of your kid? Or leaving your 3 yr old in the hands of a nasty 10 yr old so you can chat with other random Moms who happen to be there?  Hmmmm, I wonder why your kid is a little shit.


  1. I noticed that when I was there too... the nanny's have more control than the parents... when they aren't chatting. You have it here too through, except the kids are at the park alone.

  2. "puta molek mala"
    poo-ta moo-lek mah-la

  3. Que raiva! There's nothing that gets me more riled up than uninvolved, vicitm-mentality mothers. Oh and let me just say that I hate when women here give you like some totally illogical argument to like, throw you off. I call it the red herring technique. It was like her comment that her son couldn't have done it because he was watching his little brother. Illogical red herring! Good job for saying something.

  4. This burns me up. Infuriating. With my 2 year old I am very aware of what she's doing and immediately discipline her whenever she does anything that needs to be corrected...mainly if she hurts another person. Not only does she go into time-out, but afterwards I make her apologize to the child and to the caregiver.

    But I also pay attention because she's 2, so she can easily get hurt as well. So this incident worries me on several fronts: she's more likely to get hurt by others (and their caregivers won't intervene), and if I discipline her I will look odd and out of place.

    I'm sticking with discipline. It matters.