Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Mommies are returning to Rio de Janeiro

Yeah! My Mommy friends are finally returning to the city!  I know only half of us traveled for the North American/European summer, but our little group can't seem to get together without all members.

It's amazing.  Our Mommy group was only created last July and I am already attached. Nothing like other Moms to help fill up those days where you just can't figure out what on Earth to do with your kids. You can really only go to the same parks so many times over a month without everyone getting bored. I think my boys are going to bitch slap me if we show up at the Fluminense park again this week. 

And it wasn't just the practical part that I missed. I missed their company!  My Mommy friends are great people to chat with. We can discuss movies, art, travel, vomit, poop, milestones, and wine. It's a great combination for any modern day Mom. 

So ladies, we are far past due for a play date!  Actually, FAR past due for a brunch!

Calling all Mommies, it's time for us to get together!

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