Friday, July 2, 2010

Out of Control

My son's school is totally out of control. I know Brazil is playing. I understand canceling morning classes and starting afternoon classes a little late. I get that. But to close for the entire day, I don't think so! 

The excuse is that they can't say if there are going to be penalties. The game could go longer.  It's an important game.

Say what?  You are closing the school just in case the game goes to penalties?!  They also said that not as many students come on a Friday afternoon after a game.  Mine would go.  I pay R$1000 a month and, ideally, he'd actually get to attend.

I can't even imagine how bad it'll get when the world cup is here in 2014.

I will have to be prepared. The obsessive nature of the Brazilian soccer fan will make life as we know it end during World Cup Rio de Janeiro madness.  Brazil will be going to soccer war and will only return once we are champions.

Shopping centers and grocery stores will be closed. The only liquid available will be beer or cachaça.  No maids. No nannies. No schools or garbage men. 

I will stock circa World War II in Berlin.  The cabinets will be stocks. The fridge full, the fever packed.  It'll be lock down mode. 

We will fill the bathtub with beer in case of shortage... what am I talking about!  There will never be a shortage of beer in Rio de Janeiro. We'd sooner run out of oxygen.


  1. I guess that problem is solved

  2. Luiz and I went to watch the game on the telão on Copacabana beach today.

    It was really fun - until the end. Bummer...

    Back to work Brazil!

  3. I hear ya. If there was an afternoon game, my son only had school from 1-2pm (not worth the trouble) and when there were morning games school started at 2pm and ended at 5:30pm and his football classes were cancelled ANYday there was a Brasil game. I noticed that if Brasil won a game, people partied and partied throughout the day and night, but the next day it was strangly quiet. A city-wide hangover (us included). Last Friday was so sad. Oh well, another 4 years and we can enjoy the same crazy energy once again, but x 1000!