Thursday, July 1, 2010

Can I eat that?

"Aunt, can I have your Coke?" "Aunt, can you buy me something to eat?" "Aunt, can I have your kid's toy?"

These are some of the typical questions you'll get from street kids.  It's a delicate balance of ones you should feel sorry for and ones that are total pains in the ass.  I guess all kids are the same!  Some sad, some happy, and some pains in the asses. 

Well, I've turned into a street kid.  In an attempt to eat better and lose the 5lbs circling my my midsection and thighs, I decided I wasn't going to snack while out with my girlfriends. I ate a healthy dinner before I left the house and set myself up to only drink beer. No snacks!

The girls ordered quesadillas.  They looked yummy.  I controlled myself until they finished. Sadly, they each left stuff on their plates.

Well that was just a waste.  It's really bad to waste food.  I figured I should at least have a little taste. No harm no foul.

A little taste.  A little pick.  A bite. 

It got out of hand. I ate their left overs.

I really have no shame. 

I turned to them, in true Rio de Janeiro street girl style and said with my mouth full, "Tia, can I eat your food?"



  1. Well when a girl's hungry, she's gotta eat right? You were hungry, weren't you? ;-)

  2. I'm never and always hungry!

  3. I have this problem with the Canadoca. She never finishes her food, so I do... at least she is currently still eating healthy stuff... but yikes!

  4. DRL - I'm always finishing my little girl's food, too! I don't like to throw her leftovers away because I give her homemade organic, healthful stuff, so I end up eating what she's eating...but this means I rarely eat what I really want to eat because by the time I've finished off her plate, I've lost my appetite!

  5. Yes and no ;-) yes because I eat far less than I normally would but also no because I miss my fried avocado rolls, pad thai, seafood burrito, and cupcakes!