Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cutting the cord

Oh I feel sorry for my son's future girlfriends!  I started the initial cutting of the umbilical cord this morning when I let my oldest go to the beach with a friend and his Mommy.  My youngest has some sort of stomach ache, was up all night, and was far from in a beach mood this morning.

Linda, being the doll she is, offered to take both boys by cab and bring Luka home in time to eat lunch and go to school this afternoon.  Amazing, right?  So I had a near panic attack at the door saying goodbye. As a Mom, Linda saw the tell tale signs in my way too calm state and crazy, dancing eyes.

It's ok Rachel.  I'll keep a close eye on him. They are also meeting up with another friend of ours so it's 2 adults to 2 kids.  What's the big deal?  People do this kind of thing all the time.

It's not normal for me. 

I'm well aware that I keep my boys so close they are practically climbing back inside the uterus.  I suffer from the No-One-Can-Take-As-Good-Of-Care-Of-My-Boys-As-Me syndrome.  It's one of those cut your nose to spite your face syndromes.

I hope that I can ease up as they get older and not raise annoying Momma's boys.  I do plan on them being a the good type of Momma's boys who respect their Momma, women, and put the toilet seat down. My 3 yr old is already toilet seat trained, thank you very much.  I also hope I don't annoy any potential love interests too much. I will be somewhat of an annoyance.  I am so that Mother that is going to call every evening, even if they live overseas.

I can't help it. I'm a girl who wants to be in the know and that is especially the case with my boys.

I can only hope my boys will love me in spite of my slight overprotective craziness.  Actually, in an ideal world, they'll love me exactly because of all my crazinesses.

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  1. Well we must be members of the same club that you describe: "the No-One-Can-Take-As-Good-Of-Care-Of-My-Boys-As-Me syndrome." Because I definitely suffer from it, too! Just substitute "My Boys" with "My Girl." If you or any other reader can figure out the cure, please share your wisdom! So far my girl is 2, and I have never left her with anyone other than relatives or very very close mommy friends. Haven't even had the courage to leave her with a babysitter yet! So please do share any secrets on how to cut the umbilical cord!

    But have been able to cut it a little...if your older one goes to school, isn't that already cutting the cord a bit? That took courage! I'm struggling to let my girl go to summer school, and it's only for 3 weeks!