Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lacking a letter

Milk got onto my keyboard today.  Lucky me. I have a certain letter that will not work for the life of me.  I'll be out of the loop until I get it fixed, hopefully it won't take too long!  Can you think of the letter?


  1. J, Q, S, V and Z are not present in your post.

    Computer out of commission is my worst nightmare.

    Hurry back.

  2. you can go to accessories-->system tools-->character map and copy and paste whatever you need from there :)
    I went through this nightmare with my laptop. I lasted a few months without an "a" a ":/;" and a few other keys before it finally stopped connecting to the internet and I gave up and picked out a new laptop!

  3. Happy to announce that we have a new keyboard in place! I teach downtown on Wednesdays and I swung by a computer place and bought a new one.

    New rule, Rachel is not allowed to drink next to the computer. If I do, it must be Wednesday! Agree with you Jim, broken computer is a nightmare!

    But now I have a new nightmare, a Brazilian keyboard. It´s totally messing up my typing. Oh well.

    It was S btw. Well, S and backspace

  4. Brazilian keyboard is awful. Other than the character map, you could also use the on screen keyboard (osk - start/run/type "osk" then OK).

  5. I tried the on screen keyboard but it takes away the typing. I´m fastest at that but this damn keyboard messes up my punctuation! OH well, I´ll get used to it.

    Daniel copied and pasted the S for me when it first happened but I said screw it. I was going downtown anyway. Might as well buy a new one. First buy on my trip home will be an American one Ç)... see what I mean!