Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mother/Mother-in-law MD

I was reading a blog post about someone´s mother-in-law MD situation.  You know the one, where your MIL thinks she´s a doctor and tells you what you, your husband/wife/partner, and children have.  My MIL is pretty good about this. She doesn´t tell me what we have, only advises us on how to treat it.  Being I´m outside my own country, that´s not totally unwelcome.  Given, some of the treatment ideas in Brazil are down right crazy to me, none-the-less I´m a girl who needs some Brazilian treatment guidance. 

The one who´s the MD in our extended family is my Mother. My mother is a sometime blog reader of mine so, in case she reads this, Yes Mom I´m talking about you. 

Seriously, any and all ailments I can think of we have in our family. It´s an anomaly that my family has managed to survive long enough to continue breeding.  We have GERD, ADD, OCD, Manic depression, cancer, asthma, thyroid disorders, heart disease, alcoholism, allergies, and ear infections to name a few. 

I love my Mother, and (Mom this is for you) I enjoy getting each and every diagnosis.  I find it useful, and if not, humorous.  It happens. 

Now on the other hand, I don´t know how my husband feels about it. He´s so Carioca he could have a heart attack without knowing. Actually, he is so mellow that he walked around for 3 days with a collapsed lung and developed bacterial pneumonia before going to the hospital.

You know, when you say that out loud it makes you wonder if he´s super mellow or just a little bit retarded.  I´m going to go with mellow because he´s my husband and I love him.

Anyway, to those of you with the MIL MD issue, don´t take it to heart. It´s caring with a capital short bus and giant gold star. 

Here´s the original article for you curious readers: My Mother-In-Law the wannabe doctor

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  1. Oh, mothers-in-law. In my case, she actually IS a doctor, but she's much older, semi-retired, and very Catholic. Not a good combo.

    Hope yours is good company this week! :D