Wednesday, September 1, 2010

5x Favela

So I actually want to go see "5x Favela".  I´m loving the fact that these 5 short films don´t only focus on drugs, traffickers, and crimes in Rio de Janeiro.

Recently I´ve become quite frustrated with the world´s obsession with Brazilian favelas.  It´s as if that´s the only thing going on in the country. Yes, we have favelas. Yes, there are problems with the quality of life inside them, crime, and drugs.  Yes, there are bad people who live there.  Oh wait, there are also good people.  Actually, there are more good people than bad.  The vast majority of people living in the favelas are regular folk trying to make it in life. 

That´s not even my problem with this world focus. My problem is that there are so many other things to make a movie about in this country!  This is a country full of culture, interesting people, amazing places, and crazy-ass history.  Rio de Janeiro alone could be the focus of numerous movies. 

I guess I just get defensive about the city/country I love.  I´ve been here for a decent amount of time now and I find it frustrating that the light side of this city isn´t shown more often.  Come on film makers!  Remember "Blame it on Rio"?  Classic and with plenty of artistic license.  Let´s bust out some more sassy funny comedies!


  1. I totally agree with you!
    The obsession with poverty and violence is beyond irritating...
    It is time to move on and produce some interesting stories about Brazil in which violence and poverty are not in the center of the plot...

  2. I think there are plenty of movies that do not focus on crime and poverty, they just don´t get as much press. Globo continually comes out with light romantic comedies (Se Eu Fosse Você and the like). One of my favorite Rio movies is Bossa Nova, althouh "Como ser solterio no Rio de Janeiro" is a close second. Lisbela e o Prisoneiro is hilarious, as is Caramuru. Actually, anything Selton Mello does is usually good and not all are violent. Again, the movies are out there, just not as well hyped. I agree though, there is SO much more to Brazil than favelas.

  3. "Blame it on Rio" may be a weak choice to make your point. As you mention the film had a ton of "artistic licence" including bare breasted women on Rio beaches, plus monkeys running aournd. The film maker has since conceded that he knew little of Brazil or Rio when he made the film.

    There are certainly a panalply of films that show the real side of Brazil and Rio - without the shoot-em-up plot lines.

    But let's stay clear of the candy coated fantasies as well.

    I have always loved "Central Station."

  4. I think the random monkeys and tropical birds in the house are the things I liked the most about Blame it on Rio.

    I loved Central Station. I laughed, I cried...

    It´s true, there are movies out there, it´s just that no one wants to show them at their international festival if there isn´t a bit of drug/murder drama

  5. i loved tropa de elite I & II ! oh also city of God.