Thursday, September 9, 2010

Destiny or Illuminati?

I swear I should start Rio de Janeiro taxi cab confessions, only from the other way around. I just keep running into interesting or creepy cab drivers.  

Lucky for me, my taxi man yesterday was interesting instead of creepy.  I was running late, a very unusual thing in my life, and it was raining.  Not to mention that I still had to drop off my oldest at his uncle´s place before I could head to my destination.  I jumped into a cab to solve the rain/time/effort issue.

The conversation started out normal enough. Where are you from?  Then it took a little turn.  Should I be surprised.

Have you heard of the Illuminati?  Of course I have! I´ve read that Dan Brown book.

No no, more than a book. I was schooled by my Evangelical conspiracy theory believing driver. Apparently the world is controlled by 33 families. They control all the governments.  That´s why that nice man Obama can´t seem to produce the change he promised.

Interesting theory.

He also informed me that he and his family are church going people but that´s with the understanding that the Illuminati do control it.  The importance is that he believes in God and you have to play the game. riiigghht

As he continued, I realized that this guy was incredibly up to date with international and local news and has an amazing understanding of history... well, expect for the whole Illuminati thing.

Then again, who am I judge. He could very well be right.  If my blog should disappear and you are randomly directed to a page full of symbols, we will all know who to blame!


  1. I have tried so many times to leave comments after this post, Rachel. Seriously-- I tried several times yesterday, and now here I am again today. I am starting to wonder if something is going wrong here...

    I can't belive you had two crazy cab drivers in three days! I have also had some crazies,and so I have a theory now... they become cab drivers because they want an audience who can't leave unless they try to jump out of a moving car.

  2. I´ve heard of problems like this before. Many many people have told me that I should move to wordpress...

    I know. I have such luck! I think that is a wonderful theory! It explains everything

  3. You shouldn't be posting about this on the internet. Someone will knock at your door in a few moments...