Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello Friday

Hello Friday! Oh how I´ve missed you!  I know Friday comes around every week but I get excited just the same.

It´s just that Fridays bring the options of the weekend. Do we go to the beach? To Aterro?  To the country?  Oh what to do?

I think I`m voting country this weekend. I´m exhausted from everyday stuff and birthday celebrations.  I need to go somewhere quiet, with good company, excellent food (which I don´t have to cook), and the best part, Grandparents to chase after the children. 

Yeah, I´m thinking the country is the win win situation I´ve been looking for.

If only I could convince them to have a BBQ!  I´m craving a Brazilian BBQ in the hard corest of ways.  There´s just something about those rare bite size pieces of meat, cold beer, and potato salad.

Hmmmm, I´m not going to have to problem doing a detox. Nooo, not at all. 

Happy Friday everyone!!

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