Friday, September 24, 2010

A Note on Body odor

Rio de Janeiro makes me stink. There, I said it. I can´t help but sweat like a 400 lb hairy man with glandular problems. 

And it´s embarrassing!  My husband doesn´t even sweat as much as I do!  I spend the entire Rio de Janeiro Spring, Summer, and Fall with the sweat mustache, not to mention many other unpleasant sweat side effects. 

And the sweating stinks.  I´ve never, ever, EVER had a BO issue. Never. I was that girl who could forget her deodorant, go to the gym, and head straight out afterward without anyone noticing. I just don´t smell... well didn´t before I came here.  I call it the princess gene where everything normally nasty comes out smelling like roses.  Of course, I still claim to have said gene and you could beat me to death before I admit otherwise.

Except for in the first paragraph of this post.

Anyway, someone once told me it´s because I`m too white. 

Say what?!

But they were serious. My genes, body, and more specifically my sweat glands are not made for this kind of heat. I´m a white, should be up in Alaska girl.  The theory goes that since I was not made for the southern hemisphere, my body has to work overtime.  Thus the sweat and the sometimes offensive smell that I do not admit to having.

You know, that sounds pretty damn logical.  Pretty damn logical indeed.  Of course that doesn´t help me in any way, shape, or form.  I guess I have to resign myself to clothing changes and the yellowing of certain spots on all my white tank tops.  Could be worse.  I could also be gassy.


  1. haha. That sucks. I feel stinky and sweaty a lot, too. It gets really hot in our region. But since I work from home, I just take little 2-minute refresher showers between classes, and change my underwear. It usually does the trick. :)

  2. Dear Rachel,

    Your writing is very stylish, some of your stories made me laugh a lot ! Love your adjectives. Should write a book...

    Your picture on that beach? look like a Kenzo model on a magazine centerfold new fragrance add !! Daniel must love it..



    Fernando Aragon (Suzana's husband)

  3. Thanks Fernando! The picture is on the beach, Buzios actually. Back before kids and worries and my amazing photographer friend Eyoalha took it. Back in the days where everything was where it should be and I got to sleep!