Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh The Crank

I called the hubby at work this evening and was in full optimistic Mom mode, totally annoying to almost anyone and especially to a cranky husband. 

I didn´t know he was cranky.  It took about 2 words to figure it out.  Personally, I can understand a good crank when it hits but I do not appreciate it directed at me.  To explain, I feel that there is a difference between being super cranky and short with the one you love. It happens. But that person should never think they are the one that caused said crank.

That is where my husband and I differ. For him, crank, cranky, cranktastic is all the same thing.  And you react the same way. 

Let´s all keep in mind that I`m at that special point in my cycle that makes me extra sensitive and somewhat bitchy at the same time. Isn´t menstruation a beautiful thing. OMG, I just said menstruation on my blog!

And now that I´m thinking about it, I totally pulled a LAME hormonal Mom move tonight. I called him at work. He was late and I really wanted to share some kid news before I forgot.  Plus, I wanted him to swing by and pick me up some wine. Hey, if he´s going to be late it´s the least he can do, right?

Well, the super cranky overworked Mr. Rant did not appreciate the call and my immediately reciprocated crankiness. In his defense, he asked me why I didn´t respond on msn and I informed him he wasn´t online. That´s when he realized his computer crashed... again.

So my "well you are just being a poop and I´m going to hang up now"  was not helping.  I just wanted to share that our oldest subtracted for the first time, on his own!  And the little one now says Macaco (monkey). So cute, comes out Caco.

We did talk shortly there after and he was as equally amazed with the random mathematical breakthrough and increased vocabulary as I was. 

All I´m saying is where is my fairy Godmother? Shouldn´t she have been here taking the phone from the pms-ing Momma, making a note of the mini milestones, wrapping my oldest´s bday presents for tomorrow, and running out to get me a glass of wine?

Pinch me but I´m starting to think I´m not a Princess.

Say what?! That´s crazy

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