Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Great 4 hrs off

So I generally get 4 hrs off a day when both boys are at school. Keep in mind that I teach 2 of those afternoons and have to make lesson plans sometime before those two days.

Needless to say, I rarely feel pumped after my 4 hrs off. I never seem to get anything quite done. 

Well, today is different. I decided I was going to spend the time going around and pre-ordering the food for my oldest´s birthday party on Thursday.  Imagine my surprise when it only took 40 minutes!  No errand has ever taken me that little time in Rio! And I even had to go to 3 different places. 

Well, that meant I had to work.  Well, my mind, fingers, and keyboard took the busting out seriously because it only took me around an hour! And I was having an email convo with a very entertaining friend and periodically checking Facebook at the same time. Go figure. 

So I called a Mommy friend of mine and we´re going to go enjoy some nachos at the little Mexican place down the street from my place before we have to pick the small ones up from school.  Sweetness!  Stop if you are thinking I´m so lucky to have a Mexican restaurant near my apt because it´s more like Tex Mex.  Oh who am I kidding, I´d take a Mexican selling Brazilian hot dogs at this point!

And to top it all off, I already have dinner planned.

Guys, I´m on fire today!  If I get laid I just may blow up.


  1. Apparently, my youngest read this post and decided I had it too easy. He managed to get off his diaper and tried to poo on the floor. oops

  2. He may be showing signs of potty-training readiness! ;-)

    When my little one used to remove her poo diaper during nap, I started putting her in jean shorts secured with a belt with the buckle in the back so she couldn't fanagle her jeans/diaper off. So far it's worked like a charm, but there's always tomorrow...