Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh you Americans

I remember when my oldest turned 1 year old. We went in for his 1 year check up and my pediatrician laid down the law.

Translated "Stay away from peanuts until Luka is 3!"

I was like, say what?  I´ve read the books. I know the rules.  But why is my super mellow pediatrician actually breaking them down for me when he never has before.

"Americans love peanuts and love to give them to their kids. No peanut butter!"

I didn´t realize he was a mind reader.  Honestly, I was planning on waiting until he was 2.  Three seemed a bit much.  So I ignored his request and gave him peanut butter anyway... at 2.  And you know what, it was fine!  Actually, my youngest sneaked a taste of his brother´s peanut butter sandwich at 9 months.  I was shocked, a little panicked, and sat and watched. If his throat didn´t close we´d be good.

5 minutes passed. Nothing. Sweetness, no peanut allergies in this house.

So when my going to be 4 years old this week broke out into hives a month ago,  I thought it was the cough medicine.  The Pediatrician suggested the peanut butter sandwich he ate for lunch. Impossible.  Plus, we all know he´s a peanut butter hater anyway. HATER.

When he started to break out into hives this evening, I started thinking.  The only thing he ate both times was a peanut butter sandwich. 

Damn it.  Maybe the pediatrician was right. Maybe the pediatrician was lucky.  Maybe peanut butter is evil.  I don´t know. All I know is that until an allergist proves otherwise, I´m mourning the quick lunch/snack that is the peanut butter sandwich.  One time screwed, shame on the sandwich. Second time screwed, shame on Mommy.  Until proven differently, I will give him rice and beans instead.


  1. So strange, was just having a chat with some people about how peanut allergies are not as common here! Poor you and your poor son - as a fellow allergic-to-peanuts person, I feel the pain! There IS however peanut free peanut butter, some made from soy, other from peas. Not available here but amazon sells it and we can always smuggle some in ;)
    Mr. DRL introduced me to the concept of "peanut butter" with dessert this week. So much for losing the baby weight!

  2. If the allergist confirms my suspicions, I´m so going to look into that alternative. I had to break the news to him that PB&Js will not be offered for a little while. He was so bummed. It´s one thing I can always get my little picky eater to eat.

    As for the baby weight, I hear you! I took a couple of steps backwards after a weekend at my in-laws. uggggg

  3. I can't imagine not having PB as a back-up staple! As an American mom, I depend on having it in the house, just in case.

    Fingers crossed that I can find a decent jar of PB once we move to Rio...