Monday, September 20, 2010

If you were only allowed to give your children one piece of advice, what would that be?

I´ve stumbled upon a thing called an Idea Bank.  It´s post ideas for bloggers.

For those of you out there that read but don´t blog, it´s sometimes hard to find posts. Well, not hard to find posts but hard to find ones that people actually want to read.  So I found this and have decided that I´m going to do one, right now!

This one struck a core:

If you were only allowed to give your children one piece of advice, what would that be?

I would tell him to be himself even if it hurt. That himself will change over time but said change is one of the few consistent things we have in our lives.  If he should change himself to fit in with those he considers worthy, he will only hurt more in the long run. It´s amazing how quickly you can die on the inside while thriving on the outside.  And that when the end comes, the real end, it is he, and only he, that will have to face the life that he lead. He will have to live with the guilt, hurt, or indifference he has caused.  He will have to face the things he did not want to face beforehand.  It is best to keep your head up from the beginning because it´s much harder to lift that chin after it´s already been pulled down.

I could continue but I feel I´ve already branched out when the questions says one piece of advice.

What would you tell your child/children?


  1. I would share a life lesson I have learned (so maybe it is advice for an adult child): Don't postpone joy.

    Luiz and I were in an airplane that nearly crashed into the sea. It shook us up and we promised then never to put off experiences until tomorrow if we could persue them today.

  2. Wow Jim! Please tell me it wasn´t on the way to Brazil!

    Btw, great advice!

  3. I would tell my little one: "respect others, but start with yourself."

    It's an umbrella concept that I think covers a lot of territory.

    Jim -- I can relate somewhat. After the sudden death of a very, very dear friend years ago, I embraced the concept of "carpe diem." Nothing like sudden death to rattle and rearrange one's priorities...