Monday, September 20, 2010

Rio de Janeiro Motel: Nasty or Nastastic?

Sure, you hear sex motel and you think ladies for purchase and nasty little business men. 

Now let´s think of it a different way. Let´s take me for example.  I´ve been married 7 years and have 2 children.  And, as amazing as it is (I´m a lucky girl), it´s kind of hard to make something new out of something you have been doing regularly for nearly a decade.

So I´m recommending motels for the married.  Ladies and gentlemen, brush off the dust and go look at yourself in about 1,000 mirrors.  It´s fun! It´s almost like being a teenager again. You walk in and you feel like you are doing something naughty.  The oh so good "but we shouldn´t be here" feeling. 

It´s even better if you drive because you get to pull into the underground garages built to protect hidden lovers.  Just imagine the role playing opportunities there.

Be prepared though, because we are talking about some pretty kinky stuff here. Even the classiest of motels usually have a special (if you know what I mean) chair, if not more.  You can even get rooms with a jacuzzi and/or sauna.  Don´t worry about the price, you pay by the hour. 

And the more you pay, the more you get. There is a notorious motel out on Niemeyer called VIPs.  It´s supposed to be the best Motel Rio de Janeiro has to offer. They serve top quality cuisine, have all the fun extras, and a view to die for.

Note on cleanliness.  These places are clean.  Supposedly, there are strict regulations in the Rio de Janeiro Motel industry.  We´re talking black light approved. If only they had the same regulations at restaurants and supermarkets. Then again, we may get confused and try to have sex in the frozen foods section. You never know, people are crazy. 

Now that you have the information, do a little search for your neighborhood motel.  Schedule a lunch with your significant other and turn it into a nooner. I tell you, everyone is a little happier after one.


  1. Can you be more detailed on the fun extras?

  2. Not too brave. I went to twice with Daniel back when we were living with his parents. When you go to a mid to upper level one, it´s kind of like a naughty hotel room with some special features like a mirrored ceiling or condoms on the room service list.

  3. Well, I'm glad we have you exploring these things and giving us the appropriate safety tips. Mid to upper level, huh? Maybe I too can be brave one day......

  4. Catching up on some older posts...I missed this one. I have been to a couple of the higher end ones, sometimes with my husband, but also for some parties and the more pricey suites are INCREDIBLE! Surprisingly, good taste prevails. Private (large) swimming pool with open (but private) ocean views, several levels with different rooms, some more naughty than others, wet bars, dance floor with lighting, saunas, jacuzzis, NICE sheets and pillows, chocolates on the pillows (condoms too) flat screens, sound systems, and really good food,fast, discreet service. Except for a few details (like the sex toys menu), you'd never know you were in a "motel". We tried to go once on a Friday night but the line of cars waiting to enter was huge. Weekend nights are pretty full it seems.