Monday, September 13, 2010

Travel Love

Many people fall in love while traveling.  It´s a phenomena. I blame a run off virus related to the travel bug. It has something to do with all the endorphins of being naughty and the adrenaline from the fear of being mugged.  Somewhere within those two things, love is born. 

What to do with this love?  Well, you have to be wise.  1 in 5 will fall in love in a foreign country.  Most likely it´s with a fellow traveler (never from your country because that´d be too convenient) or a local from the country you are visiting. 

So what now?  Well, the key to travelers´ love is to go with the flow.  Fellow travelers, or locals who hook up with travelers, are the non-committal type.  They key to taming them, with the risk of sounding super lame, is to be yourself. Yes, just like your Momma told you. 

You must, at all costs (unless openly asked by them not to or visa versa), continue with your plans.  You may be open with them about how much you´ll miss them, etc, but you can not latch on like a barnacle on a dead mafia man´s butt. 

The key to travelers´ love is that it has an expiration date.  You both will eventually carry on with your life.  You must make peace with that.  Once you do, and you let the relationship take it´s place, it will go where it needs to go.

The beautiful thing that I´ve found about travelers´ love is that it has no masks. You are out and about in the world.  You aren´t trapped in what you are "supposed" to be.  Add in that time is short so who has the energy to put on a show.  Plus the vast majority of you are drunk so there are no secrets there.  

But what do I know?  I only turned a 2 week encounter in Spain into a 7 year marriage plus 2 kids.  But who´s counting.


  1. haha! Gotta love turning the travel love into marriage!

  2. I had no idea! How very fun. Congrats on the success!

  3. Loved this post. Can totally relate! Turned a 4 day encounter in Paris into a 5 year marriage and 1 kid!

  4. Thanks! Jean and I are examples of travel love gone crazy good.

    Reader, one of these days we have to have a blogger trip to your neck of the woods and I´ll tell you the story :)