Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

I started this morning with a fresh pair of underwear. I feel the first day of 30ies is like the first day of school, needs the freshest undies you´ve got.  Not that I`m implying that I don´t change them regularly in the first place.

So another year old and, from what I can tell, a bit wiser. At least if you are comparing the 19 to 20 yr old Rachel to the 29 to 30 year old Rachel.  Amazing how much we change in what is, in the vast scheme of things, a very small amount of time.

One of these days, I´ll be in my 70s and my 30s will be a distant memory.  Well, unless I have dementia and I think I`m 30 again. Now that wouldn´t be too bad, would it?

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me!  May this next year be full of interesting experiences that fill this blog with funny enough posts.


  1. OH, ugly picture. Specially in my present condition... not nice Rach.
    Happy B-day though, new undies are a good idea, like New Year's Eve, specially if you're planning a pijama (aka sexy lingerie) party with the hubby later on tonight.

  2. Welcome to the power years. Actually, I think the 40s are the more powerful years -- but get your guns running.

    Make it work.

    Don't be shy.


  3. Welcome to the thirties. They're pretty great actually! Stepping into a new decade with decadence!

  4. Welcome to the 30s club!!!!

    How does one say Happy Birthday in Portuguese?

  5. Happy Birthday = Feliz Aniversario
    Congratulations = Parabens

  6. Yes Anon, that´s it. :_) But keep in mind that you say Parabens to someone on their birthday more than Feliz aniversario.

  7. Thanks for the wishes! Going well so far!