Monday, October 4, 2010

40s in the plaza

I had one of those, this is why I love Rio de Janeiro moments this weekend.

It was a Saturday night. The kids were sleeping, Botafogo just finished playing, and my husband was itching to play his video game. It was a perfect evening, apart from the rain, to go out for a beer. 

My husband´s cousin and I ended up wondering over to plaça São Salvador. 

This was my only in Rio moment. 

There, next to the gazebo in the plaça, was a band playing. Tarps were hung from all ends the gazebo, giving the crowd a place to hide should it start to pour. 

We bought a 40, sat down on the gazebo stair, and enjoyed the music, night air, and company while drinking our beer out of tiny plastic cups. 

Only in Brazil and only in Rio would it be super mellow and cool to buy a 40 oz beer from some random lady with a Styrofoam box full of cold ones. To loiter and drink in public. And to have a band play in a public place without a permit.  

You have to love that. 


  1. ahhhh! so romantic--sounds wonderful. It rained all weekend here so no romance. I can say for sure that I will never have Paulinia moment. It's terribly boring here.

  2. Legal ! To sabendo:

  3. Put 4 cariocas together and you will have a festa! It can't be helped.

  4. It is post like this that make me realise that I'm missing a better standard of living....