Thursday, October 14, 2010

All in the Dress

Because the post on cheating spouses was such a big hit, I thought I´d share a little antidote. 

Back in the day, at the ripe age of 22, I went with my parents to a wedding of one of their friends. It was a late in life marriage and the guests mirrored that. 

And I was strangely popular at this wedding. Couples were asking who am I, how I know the happy couple, and complimenting me on my dress. It was an amazing dress, if I say so myself. One couple even wanted me to come up to their room so the wife could try it on. 

That was strange, especially since it wouldn´t have fit the wife. 

At the end of a long wedding, the quite drunk Rachel met up with the under 30 yr olds, aka my brothers and the kids of the bride.  I reached into my little purse to pull out a cigarette and I found a room key... and then another... and another.  7 room keys in total!

As it turns out, the new bride and groom were swingers, and so were their friends. I was being scouted and I didn´t even know! 


  1. LoL that is great. It gives me Deja-Vu of the time I sat with a couple (and my ex) at a PF Change's because there was a 3 hour wait and the "nice" couple offered to share their table -- before asking us to come home with them after dinner. Come to think of it, I was 22 as well!

    I took my first solo ride in a Rio taxi--very uneventful, but I thought of you while waiting for SOMETHING, ANYTHING, weird, strange, offensive to occur--NADA, all the crazy taxistas must be in Langeiras mesmo!

  2. My husband has always told me that I attract crazies... then again, what´s that saying about him! lol

  3. Which room did you end up going to?

  4. Wow, what a dress that must have been! I was approached by a couple at a wedding once, and invited back to their place. I also had nooooo idea. (I didn't go though) I was 20 :)

  5. Hahaha, I was smelling that kind of "The End" !!