Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sensory Garden

 So I don´t usually post about events but I saw this one and it sounded pretty cool. It´s a small sensory garden (jardim sensorial itinerante) at the Catete Palace in Catete (also known as Museu da Republica). 

Basically, they blindfold you and you check out the garden using the sense of touch and smell.  Different, huh?

It´s going on until the 24th of October.

Really, it´s a tiny little thing in the corner of the park but still quite different. And if you haven´t been to this particular park or museum, it´s quite nice. One of my favorites actually. It used to be the home of the president and president Vargas was actually killed there. I don´t know if they still had it but the used to have the bullet and bloody jammies on display.  That was creepy and yet interesting to see.  

Anyway, by metro you just off at Catete and you´ll end up right in front of the building.  The address is Rua do Catete 385, Rio de Janeiro.

Check out the program and find more information at http://www.interatos.org/

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