Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gay Pride Almost Made Me Anorexic!

I headed over to the Gay Pride Parade in Copacabana this afternoon with some lady friends of mine.  Overall, it was a fun and interesting experience. 

I enjoyed that I could dance, and look like the ass I do, as no one would even notice me. It's really hard to take the attention away from the 6'3" tree of a man in pink fuzzy undies and a bra, 4 inch heels, and a tiara standing behind you.

I also loved all the greased up hotties in speedos on the music cars.  It was almost enough to make a women stuff a sock in her pants just to get a closer look.  Then again, way out of my league. I almost became anorexic just looking at the hotness of the hotness of the super hot gay man! I'd hate to be a main squeeze. Talk about high maintenance.  I bet the beauty/workout regiment is like a woman's but on crack, weed, a little LSD, and some Argentinian Malbec.

Not to mention the insecurity issues! I didn't think men looked like that unless carved out of marble.  I stand by the belief that things that beautiful are meant be to looked at, not touched... that is unless he's straight and has an obsession with tall awkward women who have popped out a couple of babies. Then touching is not only allowed but is recommended. 

It got even more interesting when I got into a cab on the way home. I really know how to pick 'em, don't I. 

He asked if I was a sympathizer.  What? Are the gays the newest group of Nazis out there and no one told me? Now that would be a bit mind blogging to see, wouldn't it.

I asked him to clarify.  He asked me, very gently, if I was pro-gay.  I guess everything is on the ballot these days.  

I told him of course! My husband is gay.

I had a peaceful drive home after that.



  1. Glad you had fun. Sorry we missed you. What a crowd! Some people are more sculpted than even those in marble.

    On advantage of being 50 is that you cease to compare yourself. It's all just eye candy at this point.

    We got some great pics. I might just blow one up and put it on the fridge to remind me - you know - that I should invite him over for dinner.

  2. It was very entertaining! I made it to posto 5 and looked for you but it was impossible in that crowd. Next time I'll check my phone before I leave the house.

  3. All I can say is OH HUNNI! You have no idea the lengths these gay men go to to make themselves look the way they do. HOURS spent at the gym, bean sprouts and boiled chicken 8 times a day, steroids, etc. It's all an insecurity complex in my eyes...every major city has em, I know quite a few of them, and while they are pretty to look at and *ahem* touch O:-) they're all a bunch of head cases lol. On the other hand I'd LOVE to go to Rio for their gay pride parade, oh the trouble I'd get into LOL

  4. BJ, just like in the straight world!

    You should come one year! I think you'd love it down here!

  5. Sympathizer totally sounds Nazi like! I prefer 'Gay Friendly'.

  6. OMG I would LOVE to go to Rio!!!!!! Like I said, I'd get into sooooooo much trouble! LOL

  7. I have one word for you: CARNAVAL!