Thursday, November 25, 2010

Google Maps of Rio Violence

Google Maps is noting the locations of the attacks and car fires for... well, I'm sure they have their reasons. I doubt it to terrify us residents. Likely it's to inform us and the rest of the world, find a pattern, and/or make the news. Hell, I'm posting it on my blog.

Here's the link:

It's quite nerve racking and interesting to see. Don't be scared Mom and Dad, we're being careful!


  1. Wow, the google map thing is scary. I remember when things were bad here in 2004, and even worse was 2006. Let's hope this wave passes soon. It's all everyone is talking about and I have noticed there is far less traffic on the street. I won't overreact at this point but I guess we won't be venturing out too far this weekend. What can you do? Wait and hope.

  2. You don't have to venture too far, a car was actually blown up right in front of my apartment. Not that i actually heard it or was affected by it...I read about it.

  3. My husband's family lives in Penha. In 2006 they burned a bus on his street.

    I lived in Penha for a little while as well and quickly learned the pretty lights in the sky were bad (not fun fire works and shooting stars). I got used to the stray bullets, caverao and "Sorry, Im staying home today because of the gunfire..being an actual excuse to miss work."

    Then we moved to Recreio and joined the bubble of people who felt safe. They burned a car near our house this morning. The big difference now is that it is everywhere at the same time.

    As soon as I told my mom this morning that we were ok, my Brazilian god mother called to say that helicopters were flying over her house, tanks were blocking the street and schools were closed. Needless to say, I insisted her oldest daughter, who was stuck at school in Tijuca come to my office in the Zona Sul. 1000s of kids are stuck in various spots too afraid to go home.

    Even though Im sure it was meant to mess with the police and not us, I thinks its fair to say that most people are sufficiently freaked out.

  4. It breaks my heart to think of the miss placed kids. I didn't even stop to think about that.

    I'm def sure most are freaked out. Like Stephanie said, I remember when things were bad in 2004. I remember the period of time when you didn't go into Barra (or Zona sul if you lived in Barra) unless you needed to because of the wars going on.

    I don't think this is a phase. I think, and hope, this is a standing up point. A dare to be great situation for the order of Rio. A moment to set things right and then, hopefully, continue to set things right.

  5. You're probably right, Rachel - it appear as the criminals are banding together for a last stand.

  6. Rachel,

    I travel often to Rio for work and we are usually careful, never paranoid...
    However, sometimes, when I read some people's description of what happens, it sounds like Bagda or Afeganistan...and not the Rio I know...
    Being outside of Brazil I often wonder what is reality and what is exageration out of frustation and fear and what is actually happening.
    I recently heard from a friend that the new mayor is doing a crime cleansing and has wide support of the Rio's population.
    I don't care if his reasons are based solely on putting on good show for the Wold Cup and Olympics, once criminal organizations are dismantled and they scatter around Brazil, Rio will be better and the criminals will have a tougher time to be as sucessful in other states and other cities that have a better grip on crime control.


  7. Ray - some time back the Mayor was meeting with Rudy Gulianni's consulting firm to apply the zero tollerance approach Rudi inflicted on New York to Rio. God help us... I don't think they hired them, at least I hve not seen signs of his ugly mug here.

    And definitley the residents of Niterói are fearful that druglords will move operations to our side of the bay.

  8. I have just watched Tropa de Elite I on YouTube (there are versions - 14 chapters - with subtitles in English). I can't wait for Tropa de Elite II. And yes - I agree with most things Cap. Nascimento says. The Brazilian medium class is hypocrite - they sponsor the drug dealers. Papara papara papara papaaaaa !