Monday, November 1, 2010

Learned my lesson

I decided to write about the circumcision debacle that was/is our life.  Yes, my life is defined by my child's foreskin. Is that strange?

Anyway, I'm going to be hearing about it for the rest of my freaking life! Apparently the anti-circumcision groups are very Internet friendly, and good for you guys! Way to make things happen.

So what did I learn from this? 

For starters, people have very strong feelings about foreskin!  I mean, wow, you'd think our ozone layer was made out of the stuff or something. 

Secondly, mostly women and gay men are concerned.  So either I have mostly women or gay men readers (or commenters) or the men just don't give a damn.  I think it may be a combination of the two.  Now, speaking for straight men, because we straight women LOVE to do that, they don't care as long as the penis works. If there is pleasure, ejaculation, and something to put it in, life is good. I think I just discovered the solution to male depression!

Thirdly, I'm a bit wishy washy. Of course I am.  The people calling me ignorant bastard are very convincing. I see that and think, wow, I really want to agree with them.  

Honestly though, in between the defensive lines, they make some good points.  I can see and appreciate their line of thinking and their opinion...sometimes.  Did it change mine, not so much.  Sorry folks, that's way I roll. It's a bit hard to convince me to change my opinion but I'm happy to hear yours and accept it. Good for you!

Fourthly, don't post something polemic if you can't take the heat for the remaining life of your blog. I swear, this will be the post that I'll receive a random comment in 2012 after I published my book 'How to be Obnoxious and Still Make Friends'.

So I'm going to lay myself out on the table. I just don't care. There are very few things in life that I feel are worth fighting tooth and nail over.  We can agree to disagree.  If I want to cut my leg off and live my life as a pirate, no matter how ridiculously fabulous that would be, it's my choice.  Then again, I would really be typecast-ed once my film career started.

Anyway, I just had to put out a random and nonsensical post. I've been trying to write but my email box keeps getting these notices. I'm getting virtually penis-ed to death!  It's very hard to focus on another topic, especially since I'm the most argumentative 'we can agree to disagree' person in the whole world. I can't help it. I'm competitive by nature. 

And there you have it. I'm a contradiction in terms.  I'm totally perfect and imperfect at the same time.  But scratch the perfect because there really isn't any of that in me. I think that's part of my charm.  That and my delusion of grandeur. 


  1. To funny... you would make a great pirate by the way. There are many men without foreskin who don't seem to mind that it's gone, hasn't hurt a thing...I won't name names.

  2. Holy hell... why do people care about a stranger's son's penis so much? I think the conclusion can be that there are pros and cons to both sides. Yay. Everybody wins.

  3. great post, you are becoming quite the blogger.

  4. Wow- I actually went back to the original post to read again and then read the comments! Crazy but good that you are getting so much feedback. I have to agree with you Rachel because you are the mother dealing with all the information given to you. Based on your entire blog you obviously care for your son. Like Danielle said "pros and cons to both sides". Keep up the great blog :)

  5. Thanks Jim, I also think I'd make a great pirate!

    I didn't realize foreskin was such an issue in the world. But I get it now.

  6. Wow, being raised American, I never put much thought into it...I'm genuinely shocked that people care so much. My boyfriend saw me cracking up at all the comments and asked what it was about, which led to us googling circumsized penises, which subsequentely led to a lot of gagging on his part. The aesthetic is all cultural preference, whatever.
    If your son broke his nose, you would surely let them re-break it to set it right, rather than leaving him with a wonky sense of smell and a crooked nose. The penis should be no different. You're a good mom, just looking out for your son's health.

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  8. (Ooops ortographic mistake on my previous comment).
    Most commenters here are women or gay (men)because having a blog AND making comments on other people's blogs appeals more to... women and gay.

  9. Dear Rachel,
    I must share this small piece of information to contribute to your statistical data:
    Two straight men gave me ( a gay man ) the information I shared with you.
    Both are my neighbors in Suburban Boston Metro, both straight men recently had baby boys and were debating the issue and decided to keep their babies foreskin and let them decide if they want to look like their parents when they grow up.
    So, in this case, 2 straight men and 1 gay :)
    Just to reinforce, I still respect your decision very much, you are the parent.


  10. Rachel, I had to go back and check the comments:

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!
    Ok, now you have enough information to write a book, hell, an encyclopedia on Circumcision or No Circumcision...


  11. Rachel, when are you going to write about female circumision?

  12. I do Ray! And appreciate the information from non-verbally crazy writers.

    Nina, That will be one hell of a post. I am totally against it and it's total mutilation. Of course I could interview a Vagina... That would make it interesting.

  13. I'm going to now make a very biased Brazilian comment. I think it's hilarious that in US there is even a word for uncut men "INTACT". This discussion had to come from Americans, no offense, but there's an association for everything there, why not to support or fight circumcision... I honestly never met a mother that got a kick out of cutting her boy's foreskin. Nor have I ever heard of a circumcised man complaining about it, or their partners. Lastly, I have also never heard of a man who questioned his mother for having him circumcised, probably bc, at least here, there are only 2 possible answers: 1 - bc you're jewish; 2 - bc I had to. To me this is, in all honesty, a non-issue. If 2 reliable competent doctors say it's needed, then it's needed. End of story.
    Another thing I learned when becoming a mother: never - NEVER - judge another mother.

  14. 2 words for you Thais: ROCK STAR!

  15. Amen Thais! Never judge another mother. Well said.

    This circumcision debate reminds me of the abortion debate in the US. A very heated topic that has no right or wrong and can go on and on endlessly.

    There are medical, ethical, moral, cultural and religious arguments behind both issues.

    But in the end it's personal and private and the decisions you make regarding the welfare of your children are yours and yours alone. You're doing what is right for your children, and that's what matters.

  16. Your comment about straight men is sexist and highly offensive. I know several straight men (my partner included) who are very disturbed over their lack of foreskin and are even working to restore. You are not a male (unless I'm mistaken), therefore, you cannot speak for one. Blanket statements and putting words into others' mouths holds is a rather half-assed attempt at trying to prove your point.

  17. Rebekah, I think you may have missed the sarcasm there. You know, the part where I acknowledge that I'm not a woman. And I didn't put any words into any mouths. This is a post about my feelings after I was virtually attacked on another post.

    That being said, it's a private opinion. My youngest, with who this who thing started, is in a situation where he won't have an opinion because he needs one. We are putting it off but you can actually see trapped pockets of goo underneath his foreskin, as there is zero opening.

    The more important question is, what brought about your partner's decision to restore his foreskin? I'm very curious, no sarcasm at all. What does it entail?