Saturday, December 11, 2010

Food is where MY heart is

I'm in the US to visit my family. It's all about bonding, cuddling, chatting, and the overall spending of time together.

My second goal is to eat.  Thankfully, this goes wonderfully with the holiday season and bonding with the fam.  I have officially been at my parents house for about 36 hours. Since I am a go getter and overachiever, I can already cross some items off my list.

They are the following:
Nutter Butters
Triscuits - original
Triscuits - Sun dried tomatoes (yummy!)
Cheddar and feta
Some more cheddar and feta
Bagel with cream cheese
Bagel with feta and cream cheese
Pop Tarts
Chef Boyardi (sp?) beef ravioli
Vanilla Wafers
String cheese
Sandwich with thinly sliced roast beef and provolone
Reeses Peanut Butter ice cream
Dill pickles

My goal is to move out of snacks and into real food by the beginning of next week. When I almost ate half my Mother's index finger... in my defense, her fingers do look strangely like Jimmy Dean sausages... I was informed that I am not starving and the food will be there tomorrow.

Say What?!  Tomorrow?  I'm on a strict gastronomic schedule here people. This food is not going to eat itself.

For you expats out there, what should I eat in your honor?


  1. Mexican, mexican and more mexican!! When I visit my brother in Arizona I have it morning, noon and night!

  2. Double stuffed Oreos dunked in ice cold milk (go perfectly with Christmas and Santa).
    Better yet, the white fudge covered Oreos that you can only get a Christmas time.
    Egg Nogg
    Candy canes
    Really sugary candy (nerds, sweet tarts, etc.)
    Hot chocolate with MARSHMALLOWS and other yummy warm drinks

  3. Drink a Saphire gin martini that does not cost R$17 - pearl onion, hold the vermouth. (Better yet, make it a double.)

    You've hit several notes on your list already.

    How about some Chubby Hubby Ben and Jerry's ice cream. (Oops, I think I just ejaculated.)

    --- Glad to see you posting. We miss you too.

  4. More bagels and cream cheese, english muffins, full fat sour cream, Huge restaurant salads with ranch or blue cheese, sourdough bread, Christmas fudge, corn tortillas, egg nog, graham crackers, Dr. pepper, a mexican feast paired with lots of frosty coronas with lime and proper double margaritas. Oh, and lots and lots of GOOD vinho tinto. = ) Have fun!

  5. An order of hot buffalo wings washed down with a frosty mug (or four) of IPA microbrew. Chili cheese fries (cheddar cheddar cheddar...). In-N-Out Double-Double and a chocolate shake. Fresh just-out-of-the-oven fudge brownies with a tall glass of ice cold milk. Eggnog with lots of rum and sprinkled with ground nutmeg. Sourdough bread. Clam chowder. Sour cream. Oh jeeze, I'm starting to get depressed....

  6. Greg -- STOP!!!

    I have definitely soiled my shorts.

  7. Oh my god I can't wait to go home!!!!!
    Keep writing about food please! If possible, eat and write at the same time and provide delicious details.

  8. this is torture...chips and salsa, nachoes...with that fake cheese that you can get out of pumps at mini marts, egg nog lattes, bagels and cream cheese, vietnamese pho, thai curry that's REALLY hot, and a few gallons of diet coke from the mini mart, with crushed ice. Dang, didn't know I was such a mini-mart eater...

  9. One more wish...a full Christmas dinner with stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoe pie...the one with canned yams, brown sugar, crushed pinapple and mini-marshmellows burned on top...omg...please have some for me! And pumpkin pie with real whipped cream. Must do it! Chips with onion dip. A sharp cheddar cheese ball with Ritz. The list is endless.

  10. --Moosetracks ice cream
    --Ben and Jerry's Mission to Marzipan ice cream
    --Chipotle burrito with guacamole
    --anything containing peanut butter (!!)
    --Amy's veggie lasagne
    --any yogurt that DOESN'T contain potassium sorbate (!)
    --truly fresh scallops, crab, and lobster
    --seafood burrito from Berryhill (in Houston)
    --graham crackers with milk
    --anything with cheddar (!)
    --root beer
    --Kendall Jackson or William Hill white wine
    --buffet with endless amounts of mac and cheese

  11. Jim - LOL! Ok, how about some slow BBQ'd spare ribs American style - sweet and tangy. Anybody miss a honeybaked ham?

  12. I plan on putting everything but the Pop Tarts and the Chef Boyardee in my belly on my next trip home too. Enjoy! And don't forget the elastic waistband pants ;-)

  13. They have sundried tomato triscuits??? Has the media been alerted? Not sure we have those in Canada...