Friday, December 10, 2010

Eating on a Jet Plane

I got to fly the infamous American Domestic flight yesterday. It's been a few years now and I forgot that things had changed.

So I revert a smidgen upon arrival in the US. Call it the giddy American girl who forgets she exists until she crosses the "Welcome to Houston, Texas" sign.  I remember customer service and that I am always right. It just makes me so pleased my panties tie up in a bundle.

We get on our second flight and I'm reminded by the flight attendant that there is no snack on board. I am more than welcome to buy one. That pisses me off. No snack?! No nuts?!  No crackers?!  Really, you can't afford to give a girl a cracker?  I then see everyone else pulling out subway and packed sandwiches. They were prepared.

See, right there. That was the American girl who snuck in and got a bit cranky over a cracker.  Actually, it was more about what she is entitled to seeing how much she spent for that flight.

Oh there she goes again.

Anyway, that's when it hits me, it's a 2.5 hr flight.  2.5 hours people.  You don't need to eat.  I seriously doubt every person on that plane had some sort of glucose disorder or was on a body builder's diet of 6 small evenly distributed meals.

The problem is, we Americans feel the need to eat when we sit.  It's very much a, oh I'm sitting so to compensate I should put something in my mouth. Maybe that's why there so much alcohol consumption and sex on American campuses.

And I fall for it too. Whatever will I do with myself and my 2 kids on a 2.5 hour flight without a fridge, pantry full of food, and/or a waiter.

Regardless, we survived. Yes, I bought the damn crackers. I have kids people and I neglected to pack them lunch. Bad Mommy.

Let's just hope I can remember a little of the Brazilian and keep my mouth closed, that is unless there's an actual meal in front of me, a cold beer, a kid not wearing socks, or  a hot guy I need to grunt at.

Fingers crossed!


  1. Rachel,

    Keep in mind if you happen to get stuck at the Airport for a long time go the American Airlines Lounge, they will charge you U$50,00 for a day pass, you can include the kids in your pass and they have showers, places to keep your luggage, TVs, Computers with Internet service, Free wireless, nice lounge areas and lots of free food included in the price of the day pass, it beats laying around the Airport and having to watch your carry-ons and have a tough time to move around with kids and all.

    Enjoy your trip :)


  2. Heheh! I am so looking forward to reading about your reverse culture shock experiences or rather- your culture consciousness experiences.

  3. I still have to write about our return trip, which included a seven hour flight from JFK to LAX, where I found out that you had to buy food, too. WHAT?? We usually layover in Panama, so our second leg is international and thus with food. Talk about a shock! We ate the baby's applesauce and arrived ravenous.

  4. Last time I flew on United (our frequent flyer carrier) I joked with the flight attendant that they needed to instal an ATM on board. EVERYTHING costs something.

    Please, charge me a few extra bucks and let's just pretend the drinks are free!