Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Little Piece of Heaven

I had a little piece of heaven this evening.

I took over my parent's bathroom and filled up their soaking tub.  It's deep, long, and with a nice arched back for comfort.  I almost moved into it. Hell, it's almost half the size of my apartment in Rio.

Anyway,  I filled it with almost scolding hot water. You know, the kind of hot that you have to enter into in increments. A foot, the second foot, knees, half a thigh, and so on and so forth until you finally sink in up to your neck.  The only thing peeking out are you hands, to hold your book of course, and your head. Sorry, I've yet to master underwater reading. I'll be sure to let you know when I do.

And everything soaked away. Worries, life, tension, and time.  I swear, a hot bath, a good book, and quality bath salts are the best therapy.  Of course, this is only enjoyable in cold weather. The colder the better.  There is nothing more enjoyable then getting into a soaking tub after spending the entire day just slightly chilled under all your layers of clothes... well, that is except for getting into one with that special someone.  

Now I'm in my snowflake fleece jammies, to entice the husband of course, and smell of flowers from lands I may never travel.  I'm relaxed enough to fall asleep in front of the computer and am looking forward to curling up in a fluffy chair with a fluffier blanket next to the fire.

In Rio, this would be torture, like sitting in a jacuzzi in the depths of hell.

And that just makes it all the more special. That and I know I get to go back home to the heat eventually.


  1. hot bath and fleece-- heaven. Everything only starts to fall apart when you have to leave your house in the cold. EEEE--shovel or snow blow. jealous!

  2. I got relaxed just from reading your description of how you guys are getting hit hard just south of the Mason-Dixon line this year, super cold...absolutely, better weather for warm Jacuzzis baths...
    I was putting some Christmas decorations up today and nearly froze my hands...I hear you...I probably should do the same :)


    December 16, 2010 4:34 AM

  3. Que delícia!

    haha "fleece to entice the husband". The last time we went home to visit, we went to Target (Duh)and I made Alexandre try on a child's full fleece outfit. It was just one big piece with foot booties and dinosaurs on it (because a child's XL in the US fits my adult Brazilian husfriend). I have picture proof as blackmail.

  4. That is awesome Danielle! My husband fit into, with male camel toe and all, a XXL adolescent batman costume. We bought it anyway, for $5! We figure on of our Brazilian friends will be honored to wear it for carnaval, and more comfortable.

    Glad to bring a slice of cold heaven to Hot hell Nina :)

    Gil and Ray, Yes, colder than a witches titty down here (in the words of my Dad). It just started to really snow this morning and it's sticking. Looks like we have a half an inch down already and it's still going. Burrrrrr. How is it up there?

  5. Very cute blog Rachael,
    I am following GFC, sent a request on twitter and like you on face book.

  6. Rachel,

    It is freaking cold up here, still dry, but freaking cold, temperatures hovering on the 20sF during the days and single digits at night!
    I love that expression "Colder than witches tities" lol... yes, that cold here too...
    We are expecting to get hit with a big snow storm Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, I think you guys are gonna be hit by the same storm...White Chritmas for sure baby!

  7. ohhhh, the kids will love that. I like it too. At least it will keep us busy and keep us away from Target. Must stay away from Target!

  8. What are you reading? Need some good book recommendations here, maybe in 3 or 4 yrs I'll be able to read again ;p
    The one I was going to lend you was The Hunger Games. It's a trilogy, in case you have the spare time, you can buy it there...
    Been reconsidering your apartment offer here, our in-laws (both sides), are managing to ruin X-Mas spirit for us...