Friday, January 7, 2011

The Announcement heard Around the World

We all know the power of the internet, especially us bloggers, blog readers, and informatics addicts.

But no one now knows it's power more than Ted Williams.  I bet you've all heard his story at this point.

A homeless man, 52 year old Williams, was holding up a stereotypical Sassy sign by the side of the road. Not so typical about this sign was his claim to a 'God Given Talent of Voice.'  A local newsperson decided to check it out and asked, on camera, for Mr. Ted W. to share this voice with him.

And it has been the announcement heard around the world.

2 days later, 2 days!  This man is a phenomenon.  Millions of Youtube hits, which, by the way, redeemed all you youtubers to me.  What's with everyone watching all those annoying tweens?!  Finally you found something worth your attention!

Now he's off. He's been on radio and to the Today show.  He was questioned at airport and almost not allowed to go due to lack of documentation.  If airport harassment doesn't mean you've made it, I don't know what does.

The point is, we've all made a difference to a Man who seems to notice.  He has had one hell of a life and is coming out on top.  And the internet is what made that happen.

The mass sharing of information lifted someone out of shadows and high enough to catch a break.  And, I'll say regardless of my in fear of jinxing something, someone who is humble, has learned from his life, and is truly grateful.

Don't get me wrong, I know I'm in no place to judge anyone.  What I'm saying is that I would expect to be bitter and a little pissed after such a difficult life.  And he is not.  He is thankful. He is open.  He is the new Zen.

On top of it all, he is kind and that is because, as he says, "His Mom raised him that way"  and "The Golden Rule"

A little food for Friday's thought...

Check out Ted Williams interview on the Today show


  1. This post reminds me of a book I finished up yesterday--The Soloist by Steve Lopez. It's a true story about a columnist from the L.A. Times who befriends a homeless musician and ends up helping the musician with his mental illness struggle. It's an excellent, emotional read and sounds very much like the Ted Williams story. I'm sure you'd enjoy it! Thanks for the food for thought...

  2. I saw this story on the today show, what an incredible journey he has had. What I enjoyed most about it was how he kept true to what his mother taught him about civility and how you treat other people. I wish him the very best and I hope he gets to see his mother soon!!! Hes going to make me miss kraft mac and cheese now even more =)

  3. I was just watching his interview on Good Morning America reunited with his Mother in New York city.
    Awesome story.
    Only in America!
    I love this country!