Monday, January 31, 2011

Let the De-Wintering Begin

The de-wintering and the re-beautifying have begun. I'm back in Rio de Janeiro and I need to get my stuff up to snuff.

People who live outside this city do not get it.  There are some stated rules for women. Of course, you can choose to follow them or not. There's not a Middle East Police force running around smacking ladies for not getting their nails done.  And thank goodness for that!  I'm constantly guilty of neglecting my basic requirements as a woman living in the City of God.

But I do like the feminine feeling of having my nails clean and pretty, hair done, and at least a little jewelry on.  So after this trip, I've started the process of cleaning the winter of my female body and bringing it back up to the summer standards of Rio de Janeiro.

First step to this process was removing the super duper old chipped nail polish from my nails. I think it was old enough to qualify as a historic landmark but no one complained.  In my defense, they've been hiding in socks for 2 months.

Step two would be shaving the legs. Again, winter, pants, and husband in Brazil. I had little to no motivation to shave the last couple of weeks. Gross you say.  Hey, deal with it!  Men complain about shaving their face, image knees. Shaving knees are a bitch, and I don't care how much practice I`ve had!  Thank goodness for cheap and fast Brazilian waxing.  Hair be gone!

That leaves me to actually managing to wear clothes while looking comfortable. That one can not be helped. It will take some adaptation.  My post winter extreme whiteness does aide in forced clothes wearing. There are some certain extra white bits that certainly wouldn't appreciate a sunburn.

What is your de-winter must? Toes? Tan? Hair removal? Working out? Or is it traveling to winter on the other side of the world and hiding out?


  1. I went through teacher training school at CCAA once.

    Rule number 1 - NEVER come anywhere near the mall where the school is without having your nails perfectly polished. Carry polish in your purse to touch up any chips. Parent's will complain if they see your nails unpainted.

    Rule number 2- purchase cute flat shoes. Must be open toed. Can not be dirty. EVER. If dirty, you must go home and will probably be fired.

    Yes, those rules were actually presented by the course instructor/director of the school. I just sat there staring in awe. Nail polish vs. talent...nail polish wins. Rio is a totally different world.

  2. LOL! That is funny! I also taught at CCAA when I first moved to Rio. I never actually read the rules. Thank goodness!

  3. Rachel - with the snow now coming down and the temps expected to drop below zero, one would think the maintenance has fallen a little behind. Being it was near 70 on Friday, I've found that it's always good to keep up the pedicures. Why? Because when you go to the gym or yoga, or just take your socks off - there's something to be said for seeing a burst of color on your toes to spark a little happiness, make you linger longer with the moisturizing oils after the shower, and make a girl feel pretty...underneath the layers of fleece. Cheers, lady!

  4. Definitely toes.
    I am stuck in winter for at least 6 months of the year, but my toes are always perfectly painted.
    On the other end of the spectrum, however, I often forget to shave my legs even in the summer...

  5. I prefer to get my first sunburn of the summer in the privacy of my own home here in california, before going to Rio...

  6. Well, being that I will be coming out of hibernation and into the light of Rio again in 23 days, I am in the process of de-wintering as well.

    My nails I have kept up but my toes have been neglected the past few weeks and I'm actually feeling guilty about it. And my gosh, my Carioca boyfriend loves beautiful feet so he would die if he knew..haha

    But mostly I have been killing myself at the gym, trying to lose this layer of winter "blubber" that seems to not want to let go of my butt! Can someone inform my body that I am NOT a cave woman and we are not back in the ice age anymore so I don't need to preserve fat!

  7. I start getting ready for summer in spring: exfoliating, moisturizing, pedicuring, shaving, and of course exercising. I love summer and I really love being summer ready. Nothing fun about being caught out on a warm day with pasty skin