Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A visit with an Ex - The US that is

I'm leaving the day after tomorrow. I am currently packing as much of the things as possible that I love about my culture, aka. ziplocks.

Seriously though, there's a separation each time I leave.  It's kind of like your first love.  I have a lot of history with this country.  Wow, we really go back far.  The things we've gone through together... Things I'll never share with another country.

We have a history.

As much as I know that it just doesn't work, after visiting my country, I get a bit nostalgic.  I mean, I know I used to get really annoyed. We argued a lot.  And the sex, well, in the end it was really bad.  Then again, how good can it ever be with an entire country.

There I go trying to see the positive.  No. I'm done. I don't live here anymore. I've been happier since we've separated. I'm a better person now.

But one more walk won't kill me.  And that's exactly what I did this evening. I put the kids to bed, took my parent's car, and I did my last American grocery store run. I needed dill seed, don't bother asking me why.

But once I got there, I left the car slowly.  I felt the warmth of my winter coat. I felt the cold of the wind on my cheeks.  I felt that little chill up my spine when the two finally combined.  Oh winter, you Minx.  It'll be a while before I see you again.

And then I came home.  I had my moment with my ex.  As lovely as it was to travel down that little lane, I'm staying with my man.  He's Hot, he's Latin, and nothing is covered in a winter coat! 


  1. I HOPE one day to be able to have this nostalgic experience as well. Living abroad ia a goal of mine. A long term one albeit and I hope I can make it happen BEFORE I start having to wear bifocals!

    Trying to look sexy when you have to whip out your bifocals to see the drink menu at the Salsa club would just be a little bit awkward for me I think..lol

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