Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free Bootcamp in Aterro

So Bootcamp is all the rage these days and Rio de Janeiro is right on it! Ok, so maybe it's not exactly Bootcamp but it's pretty damn close.

In Aterro, the government of Rio de Janeiro is giving free circuit training exercise classes! FREE!  There they were, 20 or so citizens, doing their crunches. I had just caught the end of class.

So if you are in the Flamengo, Laranjeiras, Catete area, come down to class. It's Monday thru Friday from either 7am to 8am or 8am to 9am.  All you need is a note from your doctor and 2 of those small photos they collect for anything and everything in this city. You register right there and BAM, you are working out.  And where better than near the water and under the shade of trees.

The class is located in the tennis court near the Aterro entrance between Correa Dutra and Dois do Decembro.


  1. Rachel,

    This is great! Free classes with an AWESOME view! You can't beat that...
    Cariocas are so lucky to live surrounded by such beatiuful nature!

  2. Ohhhhhh!!! I'll have to get my booty there as soon as the Dr OKs me for proper excercise!
    What about the tight-rope walkers in all the beaches, know/blogged anything about that?