Thursday, March 10, 2011

What Carioca Women Like?

Mr. Rant and I were joking around about our little city of love here in Rio de Janeiro. I mean, let's just be honest, no single person comes to Rio de Janeiro and doesn't hope to get laid.

So we came up with the perfect tourism logo for the citizens of Rio de Janeiro: Take one for the Team.  Are you single? Brazilian? Enjoy sex? Well, take one for the team. If you meat (pun intended) a lonely tourist cruising the streets in search of love, provide it.

Now the funny part is that I said that they already do. One thing Brazilians give out readily is the lovin'. My husband disagreed. As he put it, I'm a woman. I can/will find that kind of attention anywhere in the world.  And you know, I see his point.

Carioca women are not always the easiest creatures to get into a horizontal position, that is unless you are on the beach and they feel their ass is a bit white for summer.

What to do? Honestly, I can't tell you. I'm sure Mr. Rant has a few tips but, shockingly, he's hesitant to share them with his gringa wife.

This all came up after I told my husband about running into some single American men. No offense to the men of my country, but sometimes you lack a little of a thing I like to call "smooth game."  These 2 men had only managed to make out with women.

Considering it was Carnaval, that's like shaking hands any other time of the year. Kisses are exchanged like beer for money or urine to the toilet during that holiday.  And that can be confusing to some bright-eyed and bushy tailed tourists.

So my question is to those who know, what does the Carioca woman like? What qualities are attractive? What aren't?


  1. omg!! LOL beautiful looking and nice your style really i loved that. u r very very beautiful and nice location . i like your dress and lovely posting

  2. Darling, I wish that were me!

  3. Tô rindo do comentário acima! hahaha

    I'm carioca, you know, but I'm not sure if I know what we want... maybe a more sensitive man, who can guess whatever you are in need..
    Carioca girls like a kind serious relationship, what maybe scary some of them...

  4. Oh no, don't tell me I'm taking a break from one 'single girl in the city' cliche only to enter another situation that is just as fruitless and exhausting! I'm just sick of these men--from any country! Just kidding. Sort of.

    I agree with you--when it comes to travelling (as an American), I think girls have an easier time of getting treated with more, erm, kindness, whereas some (most? all?) American guys have that "obnoxious Ugly American" hurdle to overcome. They have got to learn some finesse. Don Draper Charm School, man.

    Feminine wiles do come in handy! ;)

  5. From a man points of view;

    Rio is different then many other cities in Brazil in the way that many carioca women are tired of tourists. Adding the past (and still very present) fact that Rio was/is an international city for sex tourism, many women are not interested to talk with gringo's.

    This counts especially when they are from an educated and rich(er) background and living in Ipanema/Leblon. Women are way more easier to approach when they are living in places such as Tijuca for example.

    However, at the same time most of the Brazilian women complain about Brazilian men. So playing it right will give you guaranteed success.

    As being a European (Italian) I don't have any issues approaching women here & actually see them as about the most easiest women in the world when it comes to 'going horizontal'. It of course helps that I'm living here.

    Going out means dressing up, something carioca man don't know how to, approaching but with respect & actually have something to tell or in clubs go kino quickly. Playing it right means kissing after 5 minutes & deciding which place to go after some hours. Not many places in the world you can do this...

    The thing is that many foreigners don't know how to approach, lack a game and hang around in the wrong areas. They hope that by looking & buying drinks women will fall for them. I'm afraid they are missing lots of opportunities while spending time here, or anywhere in the world.

    And for what most carioca women want? A serious relationship like posted before. Hard to find it in a country where about 70% is cheating :)

  6. You know, my husband once pointed out an American man trying to hook up with a Carioca woman. Mr Rant said that his big mistake was not kissing within 5 minutes. You miss that mark and the odds are against you. Funny you should say the same thing!

    Giovanni and Meilina - I totally agree! Ka - I do hear a lot about wanting a real relationship and the complaints again the Carioca man's lack of commitment.

  7. Being a mature person, you should discard these kinds of racial differences in this modern era where relationship should be based on the understandings and thoughts rather than cast or communities.